Doug Drexler’s 1977 Shatner Photo essay

The all around Renaissance man Doug Drexler shared these late 1970's photos of William Shatner he shot for an interview for the Star Trek fan clubs Magazine.

Those who follow Star Trek visual effects artist, designer and a makeup artist alumni Doug Drexler, on social media, are quite often treated to fun Trek and multi-themed genre behind the scenes stories, props, art work and photos from his many travels, projects and events.

Recently the Oscar, British Academy, Saturn and Emmy Award winning  Drexler who is an all around Renaissance Man, recently posted a short description of a 1977 adventure he had when he was asked to take photos of William Shatner for an upcoming piece in the Star Trek Fan Clubs Magazine.

Here is what Doug Drexler posted, “In 1977 I was invited to visit with the Shat backstage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Times Square. This is the theater that David Letterman currently occupies. At the time they were recording a game show there. The editor of Star Trek Fan Clubs Magazine asked if I would mind shooting photographs to go with their upcoming interview. Have camera, will travel!”

Drexler went on to say, “This man is incapable of taking a bad picture! He knew I knew his moves by the sound of the shutter, and he played to the camera. What a blast that was. Bill was a real gentleman. After the interview we got into chat, and Bill invited me to ride in his limo out to JFK in order to continue our talk. Unfortunately I had an appointment… but I did come away with these terrific shots of our Bill! Enjoy some classic Shatner!

Simply by looking at the photos alone, it is easy to see what a good eye creative Drexler has, not to mention what a fun treat the story behind how he came to take the photos was. Thank you for sharing Mr. Drexler and if only we could have found the interview to go along with these photos!

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