Does Silo Have Massive Franchise Potential?

Apple TV+ is nowhere near the market leaders in the streaming era, with Netflix still ruling the roost. Due to all the options available across a wide range of...

Apple TV+ is nowhere near the market leaders in the streaming era, with Netflix still ruling the roost. Due to all the options available across a wide range of services, a lot of the excellent content from Apple sometimes fails to gain recognition.

The platform is home to some sci-fi gems, though, with Silo arguably the best of them all. The series from Graham Yost has huge scope and could potentially be a massive franchise for Apple.


Silo One Of the Top Series on Apple TV+

Silo first hit Apple TV+ in 2023 and was immediately met with high critical acclaim. The ten episode first season has a rating of 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and was lauded for its world building and intrigue. Each episode followed a tight narrative, while also serving to develop the overarching story of the series. While some plot threads were left open for further exploration, the season reached a satisfying conclusion that answered many questions.

There’s no doubt that Silo was helped by its star-studded cast who put in some excellent performances. Rebecca Ferguson was the highlight as Juliette Nichols, and viewers were highly invested in her character’s storyline. It will be interesting to see how this is explored further in future seasons.

Silo also features Tim Robbins as the mayor, marking his first television appearance since Castle Rock in 2019. He’s joined by several other famous names including Geraldine James, Will Patton, and Harriet Walter.


Has Huge Spinoff Potential

Silo is based on novels of the same name from Hugh Howey, so there’s plenty of source material to draw from. The first season starts off with a tight focus, but it’s clear that future installments will be able to expand the dystopian world further.

Due to its nature, there’s incredible spinoff potential for Silo. There could be other series that explore different characters and locations, mirroring the success of other well-known series like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. The spinoff series of each of these helped to expand the audience greatly.

The fantasy offering also broke out into other areas of entertainment, which helped it become one of the most successful series ever. There were various Westeros-themed games on different platforms, including the Game of Thrones slots that are still popular today. These games are sometimes included in free spins casino bonuses, as they act as a huge draw for online gambling sites. Players need to keep an eye on the various promotions, which are updated from time to time. If Silo was represented in the same way, interest in it could blow up.


Which Other Sci-fi Series are on Apple TV+?



For lovers of science fiction, Apple TV+ is one of the best streaming services to choose. Along with Silo, there are plenty of other offerings in the genre that are well worth watching. Some of the best of these include Severance, Foundation, and For All Mankind.

Silo is one of the most unique and fascinating series on the market, and all sci-fi fans should check it out. Hopefully it will expand into a franchise so that more people will be aware of it.

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