Does Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman have a Batmobile?

Along with Javicia Leslie's first Batwoman appearance fans may have also gotten a hint a her new Bat-Wheels.

CW  treated Batwoman  series fans. First images of a  fully suited up Javicia Leslie, the show’s new Bat-Heroine, have dropped. She wore the costume, during production in Vancouver, over the weekend.  Ms. Leslie has the honor of being the very first black actress to play a major superhero in a live-action series. That’s not all. She looks to also be having the honor of getting her very own Batmobile.


Season Two

Batwoman’s season two premiere is now a mere four months away. Javicia was spotted in scenes with Meagan Tandy’s character Sophie Moore. Javicia’s Batwoman was also racing around Gotham City. photographs show hergetting out of a very sleek, muscle-bound black car with multiple green screen tracking markers.

There is currently no confirmation from the Batwoman producers, but what else could the tracking markers be for? It’s hardly going to be a black race car Batwoman is seen getting out of. This would seemingly be for special effects, needed by the upcoming Bat-action of Javicia’s much anticipated Batwoman.

(Special thanks to Canadagraphs, BackGrid, and ThemysciraBound for helping us with these images out to the fans!!!)

What sexy and ready for action new heroine doesn’t deserve her own Bat-mobile, while coming out as fandom’s newest Bat-Heroine!?



We’ve seen Javicia suited up, in Ruby Red’s season one cape and cowl. Javicia has promised fans, luckily for them, Batwoman will in fact be getting a Bat-suit upgrade. Jim Lee’s poster from WarnerMedia’s DC Fandom press kit, may have already given Batwoman fans a great clue about it.

CW recently “sneak-peeked” bat-fans, teasingly, with a look at Javicia as Ryan Wilder. There’s still no confirmation from Viacom about Javicia Leslie’s new Batmobile. We may just have to wait for the season two premiere, slated to air January 2021.

SciFiPulse will once again be reviewing the series when it returns.

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