Doctor Who’s Peter Davison Not Supportive Of A Female Doctor

Davison said: "I speak now as a fan who grew up watching it.

Ever since I can remember one of the popular conversation topics amongst Doctor Who fans of both the classic series and new is whether or not the show would work if we ever had a female Doctor.

Back in 1990 during my last year at college I was in a science fiction club. Basically a small group of us would meet up on a Thursday afternoon and discus various topics relating to science fiction and fantasy and we’d watch and discuss movies. I remember back then discussing the pros and cons of a female Doctor Who, and back then it was a relatively new concept.

Since the new series rebooted the iconic UK science fiction series in 2005 the topic of having a female Doctor Who has pretty much come up every time we have has another regeneration. In fact it has much more power and volume now than it had back in 1990, which was the same year in which the final classic story aired.

In a new interview for with ABC News Peter Davison, who played the fifth Doctor revealed that he had issues with the idea of there being a female Doctor Who.

Davison said: “I speak now as a fan who grew up watching it.

“I have trouble with the idea of a female Doctor, only because I reckon if you’re born on Gallifrey a man, you’re probably a male Time Lord.”

Indeed in the classic series you had both male and female time lords or time ladies. One of the Doctors companions Romana was a time lord or lady and she regenerated several times, but did not once change her sex. So changing the sex of a time lord. Especially one as established as the Doctor would set a precedent, but would likely create a division in the shows fan base.

Davison added: “It seems to me if you reverse that, if you have an uncertain, fallible female Doctor with a really strong male companion, you’ve got more of a stereotype than anything else.”

In related Doctor Who news tenth Doctor David Tennant has revealed that he’s be more than happy to reprise the role again, but can’t see himself doing it for at least 10 years.

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