‘Doctor Who’ Writer to Reboot Sci-Fi Series ‘Metal Hurlant’

Matheison, who wrote 'Mummy On The Orient Express' is to write for the reboot of 'Metal Hurlant'.

‘Doctor Who’ writer Jamie Mathieson has scored himself a pretty cool writing gig.

Matheison, who wrote ‘Mummy On The Orient Express’ is to write for the reboot of ‘Metal Hurlant’.

Syfy Channel aired two six episode seasons of a show called ‘Metal Hurlant’ chronicles a number of years back, but for whatever reasons it didn’t seem to take off fully.

Atlantique Productions, the Paris-based company behind action series ‘Transporter’ and Tom Fontana‘s period series Borgia, has teamed up with original producer, WE Productions, to relaunch the show based on the cult French comic book, published as Heavy Metal in Britain.

The original series was an anthology, with each episode mimicking the style of The Twilight Zone in its own self-contained world. The new version, titled ‘Metal Hurlant: Origins,’ will be a serialized story with a recurring cast of characters and a seasonal story arc. Each episode of the new show will be a 45-minute commercial hour, compared to the 22-minute episodes of ‘The Metal Hurlant Chronicles.’

Metal Hurlant is an iconic comic and the wellspring from which a lot of fledgling U.K. comic talent took their inspiration,” says Mathieson. “Without Heavy Metal there would be no 2000 A.D., no Judge Dredd and my childhood would be a much duller place. I am therefore immensely proud to have been invited to helm this redefinition of one small corner of the immensity that is the Heavy Metal universe.”

Metal Hurlant: Origins is currently in development and set to launch production in early 2015 for delivery in the Autumn.

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