Doctor Who: Time for a non-21st century companion?

As Doctor Who fans are aware. John Bishop is joining the cast as a companion named Dan. While I'm excited to see what this actor brings to the role.

As Doctor Who fans are aware. John Bishop is joining the cast as a companion named Dan. While I’m excited to see what this actor brings to the role. I can’t help but wonder if 21st century Doctor Who companions lack variety. With this in mind; here are 5 Doctor Who companions I’d like to see.


A Time Lord companion

Yours truly always thought it would have been cool if 13 had picked up another Time Lord from Gallifrey’s ruins. Who would have gone on to have a romance arc with Ryan (Tosin Cole). The writers could introduce the Corsair, or bring back the Rani or the Meddling Monk. A second Gallifreyan on board the TARDIS could be a great opportunity to bring in a foil character. Who mirrors the Doctor in some ways but who is their opposite in others. Although we have seen the Corsair in the 13th Doctor comics. I think one more of the Doctor’s species in the show could provide some fascinating dimensions to Team TARDIS’s dynamic.


A disabled/neurodiverse companion

I can see Tommy Jessop or Jules Robertson absolutely smashing the companion role. As I mentioned in this article, the key to writing a good disabled character is that they must have goals and desires of their own. And overcome obstacles to achieve them. Without leaning too heavily on the neurodiversity is supernatural trope. Maybe the Doctor meets a neurodivergent ally who can communicate with or control the Weeping Angels? Perhaps 13 and her fam visit the far future and meet an expy of Valentine Michael Smith (of Stranger in A Strange Land). Whose psychic powers have developed to the point where he is a Mxyzptlk-like god that our heroes must defeat? Or they could just be a guy or gal who thinks differently and who struggles with certain things.


A companion from a different time period



There is massive potential for a non-21st century companion. As David Morrissey‘s Jackson Lake proved. The Doctor could save a Nazi soldier’s life and take them with her. To show them a different and better path. Possibly 13 could travel with Lord Byron and Claire Clairmont this time? Although that could just be the 13/Byron shipper in me talking. There are literally as many characters and storylines that can be developed as there are time periods or historical events. Perhaps there could be one companion from the past and one from the future who strike up a friendship? Or fall in love? This could be a way of bringing romance back to the TARDIS.


A villainous companion who turns good

I’m thinking of Chris Noth‘s Jack Robertson here. An evil companion who turns good could echo Mark Strickson‘s Turlough. As well as bringing in the theme of second chances. Maybe there’s a Canton Everett Delaware (Mark Sheppard) type character who has been tasked with infiltrating the fam? Only to become the mask and value their new friends over their superiors? It’s possible there could be another Kazran Sardick (Michael Gamboncharacter that the fam need on their side for some reason. There are many ways this scenario could play out. Does this companion become a good is not nice sort? Do they start off affably evil but come to genuinely care about the Doctor and her fam? What if a Dalek puppet was able to overcome their brainwashing and form a friendship with the Doctor?


A companion from the spinoffs



Really, I just want to see April (Sophie Hopkinsand Ram (Fady Elsayedagain. Imagine if Abslom Daak or Bernice Summerfield debuted in live-action though? This would turn everything we know about the Doctor’s world completely on its head. A companion from one of the Doctor Who spinoffs would be a nice nod to the wider Whoniverse and make fans happy. Perhaps we could even see the return of Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Fordor Ace (Sophie Aldred). The writers could pick up the aborted storyline of Ace attending the Time Lord Academy only to find Gallifrey in ruins. Dorothy McShane could then pursue the Master for revenge, only to be talked down by the Doctor.


Who would you like to see as the Doctor’s companion? Do you agree with my suggestions? Please leave a comment and remember, dreams are important. Never underestimate them.

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