Doctor Who: Moffat Talks Master’s Return, Gomez Says, She’ll Be Back!

"I wanted a go at The Master and I thought, 'It'll be a woman!' and I then got lost for several months

Last weekend’s episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ certainly mixed reaction from fans and it was a reaction and one of the biggest reactions was from the reveal that the iconic villain the Master had underwent a sex change.

While speaking last night at The Royal Television Society Steven Moffat talked about some of the problems he encountered when he challenged himself to bring the Master back, but as Missy.

“I wanted a go at The Master and I thought, ‘It’ll be a woman!’ and I then got lost for several months, thinking… and what does that mean? So what?

“It’s exactly the kind of gimmick I’m always saying you shouldn’t do – I’ve always said that you cast a person, you cast an individual, you don’t cast a gender.

“But then fortunately I was grumping round the office one day and I found a list [of actors] for another part and Michelle Gomez was on the list, and I thought, ‘My God – that’d be brilliant. Michelle is the person. I can write it now, I know what she’s going to be like!’

“That made sense of it, because what really mattered is we got an arch-enemy performance that I think matches the amazing Roger Delgado and John Simm – those are stellar performances and [Michelle’s is] another one, it’s every bit as good.

“She’s alarming, she’s scary, she’s extremely funny – and you still vaguely side with her even when she kills harmless, likeable, defenseless people!”

During the same talk Moffat revealed that he did try to trick fans into thinking that Missy was in fact the Rani, which was a ploy that I myself fell for.
Doctor Who Dark Water Peter Capaldi Michelle Gomez
In a separate interview for Doctor Who Magazine Michelle Gomez revealed that Missy didn’t die and will make a return at some point to dabble with the Doctor yet again.
“Yes is my answer. I’ll be back. Can I say that? Am I allowed? If not… well, I guess we’ll have to see how she’s received…”
Moffat pretty much confirmed this news by teasing Doctor Who Extra by saying, “super-villains  don’t die, do they? I wouldn’t trust anything about that character’s ability to lie down and stop breathing.”
(Via Digital Spy, Doctor Magazine and Doctor Who Extra)

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