Doctor Who: Five Guest Stars We’d like to see Travel With The Doctor

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Since Doctor Who returned in 2005 the show has featured a magnificent crop of acting talent. From up and coming stars to established screen legends, anyone who is anyone has been on Doctor Who at one time or another. So what actors would I like to see travel through time and space? Here are some suggestions:


Dwayne Johnson

My friend and fellow geek Peter Duckett once said that if Dwayne Johnson appeared in Doctor Who everyone would watch it. I can see the People’s Champion playing a high ranking officer of the American arm of UNIT, or possibly an alien bounty hunter. I would have loved to have seen Dwayne Johnson interact with Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor arguing over the right way to deal with a situation ie 12 attempting to talk to the threat and Dwayne Johnson favoring a more aggressive approach. There is even a meme that has the former WWE champion dressed in a suit standing outside the TARDIS. While I think that the Great One would not be suited to playing the Time Lord I would still like to see him in Doctor Who in some capacity.


Benedict Cumberbatch

Many Doctor Who fans have wanted to see Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor meet and interact with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes. Even though Matt Smith is no longer playing the role I think that Benedict Cumberbatch would be good as a regenerated Omega who has returned from the anti-matter universe. He could even play the final incarnation of the Doctor from millions of years in the future, or perhaps a version of the character from an alternate universe. Despite Wholock existing solely in fan creations, I think Benedict Cumberbatch would bring an extra dimension to Who.


Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion has the ability to be both funny and menacing. I would like to see him play another rogue Time Agent as James Marsters, a fellow Whedonverse actor, has. My head canon is that the rest of the Time Agency’s operatives are portrayed by Whedonverse actors with Sarah Michelle Gellar playing the overall boss. While this is just fantasy casting I think bringing in more Joss Whedon actors would be a great move for Doctor Who. Part of me also wants to see Nathan Fillion playing a bumbling incarnation of the Corsair and the comedy that would come from that.


Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell was a popular fan choice for the first female Doctor, and she and Jodie Whittaker know each other from drama school so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see Peggy Carter in the Whoniverse. Perhaps Hayley Atwell could play the Rani, or even a regenerated Rassilon who sees the 13th Doctor and her fam as pawns in a far greater and more complex scheme. I think they should avoid having her play the next Missy as I feel this character should be rested for now and not brought back for at least a few years.


James McAvoy

This actor auditioned for the role of the 11th Doctor which went to Matt Smith. James McAvoy has displayed a truly awesome range, from the cerebral yet troubled Professor X, to the multiple personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split and its follow up Glass, to the brooding adult Bill Denbrough in IT part 2. I feel confident that James McAvoy could pull off any role he was given in Doctor Who including the Doctor himself. It might be interesting to see him as a billionaire with a dark secret, although I think a recurring role would do James McAvoy justice and harness his acting talents to best effect.


What actors would you like to see in Doctor Who? Who would you cast as the Doctor? Please leave a comment below and remember, your mind makes it real.

Doctor Who returns on BBC One for a new series of Adventures on New Year’s Day.

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