‘Doctor Who’ Fan Audio Drama ‘Dark Journey’ Heralds An Epic Meeting With Sherlock Holmes & The Doctor

Toronto, Canada – The Internets most downloaded fan audio drama, 'Doctor Who: Dark Journey' returns with a second series of spine tingling WHOLOCK adventures.

Toronto, Canada – The Internets most downloaded fan audio drama, ‘Doctor Who: Dark Journey’ returns with a second series of spine tingling WHOLOCK adventures.

Darker, more supernatural with a story that spans centuries, Dark Journey Series Two pushes the boundaries of fan produced audio drama with the ‘Wholock’ saga that builds on AM Audio Media’s award winning first series of Dark Journey. 

The murder mystery of Series One has regenerated into a supernatural horror audio action adventure with a bigger story, bigger sound and more dangerous stakes than ever before. This new, free audio drama series features a professional full cast performing an all original script with music by Joshua Hemming and UK prog-rock band Traffic Experiment.

Free Download via www.amaudiomedia.com
Thousands of years ago the Gallifreyan who pioneered regeneration for his people left his home but why? For centuries he wandered, searching the stars but in reality, he was searching for redemption. After mysteriously arriving in London 1888 and becoming assistant to the legendary Sherlock Holmes he must now face the secrets of his past to save the future.
Doctor Who Dark Journey, a production of AM Audio Media airs every Saturday June 13 – August 1 on the Internets best fandom podcasts including: Gallifrey Stands, The Geeko, The Droids Canada, WhoWars, Geek Watch One, Timey Wimey Tea Time, Drinking In The Park and The Tangent Bound Network podcast.

Series written by Andrew Chalmers and Directed by MA Tamburro, AM Audio Media. 
Writer, director and cast are available for interview. Further info, cover artwork and clips also available on request.

What The Press Have Said:

“The increased integration of podcasts into mainstream media is allowing people to, once again, be entertained with their ears. Audiodrama’s however, take the medium to new heights, with full blown productions of dialogue, musical scores, sound effects and theme songs. Doctor Who: Dark Journey, the Canadian, award winning audio series written by Andrew Chalmers and directed by MA Tamburro takes advantage of each tool in its belt to deliver a polished series that is sure to satisfy any Whovian.”

– Mat Kennedy, The Geeko
“Free and available for download via iTunes and other streaming services it’s an impressive endeavor and worthy of your time.”

– Andrew Younger, My Geek Heart

“The meeting of two of my favorite characters went exactly how I thought it might. There is a bit of friction at first as they are getting to know each other and it made for some very comical moments in an otherwise dramatic story. The combination of characters is very interesting and the intention of emotion clear. Andrew Chalmers and Roy Miranda did an excellent job capturing the essence of The Doctor and Sherlock.”

– CC, We Geek Girls

“Dark Journey is pure Audio Gold”

– Doctor Squee, Gallifrey Stands Podcast

“If you’re a Whovian and a Sherlockian, then you’re like me and a vast majority of the fans – you would kill for a crossover. Some very talented Wholockians made our dreams come true! Even if you’re not the biggest Sherlock or Doctor Who fan, but you’re into murder mysteries and science fiction, you’ll still enjoy it.”

– Amanda Michelle, Nerd Base

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