Doctor Who: 5 New Series Villains We’d Like to See Return

These eyes, they're old eyes. And I can tell you. Monsters are real.

The spectacular return of the Master, played with great rage and vileness and yet a strain of melancholy by Sacha Dhawan, has got me thinking about what other Doctor Who villains I would like to see come back. Here are my suggestions:

The Boneless


A race of dimension sucking creatures that took the form of street murals, the Boneless were I thought a very creative and interesting villain and I would like to see them again. In their first appearance the Boneless warped the TARDIS’s external dimensions to the point where the 12th Doctor was trapped inside. I think there is massive potential for these villains to be used once more. Perhaps they all co-ordinate to flatten the entire planet Earth and move it into their dimension, or maybe the Master strikes a deal with them and they bestow some of their abilities on him. It might also be interesting if the Doctor and her fam visit the home dimension of the Boneless and end up having to save them from a greater threat.

The Dream Lord


Portrayed with great snideness by Toby Jones, the Dream Lord was the manifestation of the Doctor’s dark side who attempted to drive a wedge between the Doctor, Amy and Rory. While it could be argued that the Dream Lord’s return might be overkill given Sacha Dhawan’s excellent Master, it could be exciting if he started appearing to the Doctor’s companions and sowed seeds of mistrust in them. With Gallifrey destroyed once again it would possibly be good to see how Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor would deal with the Dream Lord’s accusations of failure to protect her home. All this would depend on how the Timeless Child arc plays out but I still think the Dream Lord is an intriguing and under used villain who should return.

The Midnight Creature


Another one-shot baddie, the Midnight creature came as close as anyone ever has to destroying the Doctor permanently. If this monster was to return it would have to be done in such a way that retained the mystery and terror of the first episode whilst bringing something new. Perhaps the creature has evolved the ability to possess many people at once not just one and to control them in kind of a hive mind to do its bidding. Maybe the creature possesses one person who uploads a video onto social media causing hundreds of people to become affected. There would also have to be a new and creative way to defeat the creature. It would be good to see how the centuries since the Doctor last encountered the Midnight creature have changed her way of confronting it.

The Beast


I think the re-use of this enemy would be a great way to bring in a villainous cult to the new series, as we have not seen one of these since 2008’s Fires of Pompeii. Maybe this episode could be a Doctor-lite one focusing on a lonely twentysomething or pensioner who joins a new social group only to discover that it is something much darker. Perhaps this character is connected to one of the Doctor’s companions in some way. We might not even have to see the Beast as it appeared in The Satan Pit, only for the developing inhumanity of the cult to gradually clue our surrogate character into what is going on. The BBC would have to be careful that something like this did not become too dark but I think if done correctly it could be a brilliant adventure.

The Weeping Angels

I know this is kind of an obvious choice but the Lonely Assassins haven’t appeared in the show since 2015’s Hell Bent so now might be the time for them to come back. I would quite like to see an exploration of the idea that any statue can become a Weeping Angel which was touched on in 2012’s The Angels Take Manhattan. I think lots of different types of Weeping Angels would make them more interesting and raise the paranoia levels so that the heroes are unsure of who or what can be trusted. What might be a good idea is for the Weeping Angels to be able to infect someone, like Amy Pond, became infected in The Time of Angels, but to then be able to control what that person does and says so the Lonely Assassins have a human agent on their side to deceive the Doctor and her fam.

What monsters and villains would you like to see return? Are there any from the classic series that you think are due a revival? Leave a comment below and remember, what’s that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye…

I'm a writer on the autistic spectrum who loves sci-fi, cosplay and poetry. I'm also an actor with Theatre of the Senses.
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