‘Divergent’ Spin-Off Series Being Considered For Television

In the last movie 'Allegiant' Tris was revealed to be the only pure blooded human.

It looks like the fourth movie in the ‘Divergent’ movie series ‘Ascendant’ could well be getting made into a spin-off television series.

To date there’s been three ‘Divergent’ movies which have all starred Shailene Woodley as Tris. In the last movie ‘Allegiant‘  Tris was revealed to be the only pure blooded human. The film also lifted the lid on why the caste system was introduced to the city of Chicago.

According to IMDB ‘Ascendant’ is currently in pre-production. But news broke late last night about it potentially being skipped and made into a television series.

‘Ascendant’ was slotted to be in cinema’s next June. But due to the poor box office of Allegiant. Lionsgate are looking at the potential for a TV Spin-off.

At present it is unclear whether a TV Spin-Off or TV Movie would see Woodley, Miles Teller or Theo James reprise their roles.

Nor is it clear at this stage if Lee Toland Krieger will remain on board as director.

The new plans being considered call for a TV Movie to wrap up lingering plot lines from the films while introducing new characters to set up for a TV series. No decisions have been made as yet. Nor is their any indication of what network it would likely air on.

Personally given that these films are skewed toward a teenage and young adult audience. I’d think it would be ideal for the CW, but it might be a little to similar in tone to ‘The 100’. 

Lionsgate has yet to offer any confirmation that such plans are in the works.

Whatever happens. I for one will likely follow the series through given that it has presented a few fun ideas despite it having been the film series that has had to play second fiddle to ‘The Hunger Games’ movies. Which is a shame because both worlds are completely different.

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