Disney Plus Coming To UK Subscribers Toward The End Of March 2020

UK Launch date for Disney + Revealed

The UK Launch Date for Disney’s new streaming service has been revealed. But there are a few things that UK fans may not be happy about. The announcement was made on Friday 8 November via the official Disney Twitter account that UK Viewers will get to see the new streaming service on March 31, 2020, which means UK Viewers will be a whole four months behind the USA on Disney’s new Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’, which at present is the only reason that scifipulse readers would likely want to sub to the new streaming service. At least until they start showing their Marvel series such as Shehulk, Wandavision and Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

This March 31 release date also means that UK fans will not be getting the streaming service for a good four months after its launching in the US, The Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. When quizzed about this decision by UK followers Disney revealed that it would be rebranding its current UK service Disney Life to Disney + and that existing Disney Life Subscribers would automatically be moved to the newer service when the rebrand happens in March of 2020.

When asked about the UK price Disney said that there would be a few different plans, which would be revealed soon. It is difficult to tell if the pricing structure would be similar to the type of deals that Disney is offering to their Verizon customers in the US, or a simple monthly or yearly rate much like it has in America. In the US the monthly cost for the service is $6.99 or you can pay for an annual subscription at $69.99.

The UK is not the only territory that is being made to wait. Fans in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain are also having to wait for the service.

So, Disney fans here in the UK and Europe are being left out in the cold, but we are not the only ones being made to wait. Disney fans in South America and Asia will be doubly disappointed as they still have yet to get a Disney Plus release date for the service for Brazil, Japan, Argentina and dozens of other Disney-loving countries.

If all of this is not bad enough. It has also been revealed that some of the films showing on the UK version of Disney + may be different to what is being shown on the US version. Quite how different as yet remains to be seen. But hopefully not so different as it would put people off subscribing.

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