Did The Walking Dead’s ‘Thank You’ kill off Glenn?

Glenn is not dead even though all of the clues would seem to indicate the opposite, so everyone can breath a sigh of relief for now.

Last night’s third episode of The Walking Dead’s sixth season from AMC, entitled, ‘Thank You‘ was plain and simply as dark and depressing as it was action packed and exciting. Although the thought of losing Glenn (Steven Yuen) was a huge punch to the gut, it really brought home just how much we all have grown to love this pre-apocalyptic pizza delivery guy.

The truth of the matter however is that we most likely did not lose Glenn, even though the episode’s cliff hanger made it seem so; all of the clues would seem to indicate the opposite, so everyone can breath a sigh of relief for now. The truth of the matter however is that Robert Kirkman’s original vision sees Glenn dying at the hands of Nagan, and with the appearance of the Wolves at Alexandria’s doors, Glenn’s time would seem to be coming to an end one way or another.

What ‘Thank you’ did right however was deliver a pulse pounding episode of pure survival and suspense with the episode leaving the ravenous hordes of Walking Dead fans in disbelief as Glenn falls into a huge group of zombies as they devour Nicholas’ (Michael Traynor) body.

The episode also saw the demise of several of Alexandria’s survivors as they did their best to live up to Rick’s deadly orders in the wake of certain death, all in an attempt to save their adopted home from the approaching hordes of walkers.

Even though Darryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Kudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), are doing their best pied-piper routine to lead hundreds of walkers away from Alexandria’s walls, the damage wrought by the Wolves is done and a heavy price is indeed being paid by all.

The Wolves also make an appearance in this episode as those left alive by Morgan (Lennie James) try their best to kill Rick in the community RV, only to see Rick slay them all with relative ease, just in time to see the dead masses converge on top of Rick, as his ride fails to start at the worst possible time.

We also saw Rick deal with what appeared to be a nasty and painful cut to his hand, which immediately brings up the possibility that Rick may lose his hand much like in the comic universe. However, in the comic world, Rick loses his Right hand, while in last night’s episode, Rick’s left hand is cut. Likewise, Robert Kirkman has been quoted as saying that he might have rethought having Rick’s hand getting cut off if he could go back, so the fans will just have to wait and see on this one.

With the exception of the show’s propensity to screw with its fans as it flirts with the death of one of its original cast members, The Walking dead does not get any better than every single episode we have seen this sixth season. We even get a reminder of season one as Glenn calls Rick a dumbass over the walkie talkie, just as we also get to see the show’s special effects supervisor and occasional director Greg Nicotero, make an appearance as a zombie.

But again, die hard fans and lovers of Glenn should rejoice as it would seem that the show’s producers were either getting everyone ready for Glenn’s death or simply pulling our collective zombie leg as The Talking Dead did not list Glenn as among the dead, nor did they have Steven Yuen on as a guest to say goodbye properly as is always the case when an important cast member meets their untimely demise.

Likewise, The Talking Dead’s host Chris Hardwick, read aloud a comment from show runner Scott Gimple, which read “. . .In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story.”

Either this means that Glenn will be coming back as bitten or a walker, or in fact this is just spin to keep us all glued to the television every Sunday night as Steven Yuen is in fact spotted in images from future episodes alongside a new addition to the cast in the form of Jesus (Tom Payne), thanks in part to The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page and Entertainment Tonight.

Likewise as many fans know, Glenn is gruesomely killed by Negan, the leader of the Wolves or Saviors in Kirkman’s comic book Walking Dead universe, who the rumors would indicate will not be introduced until the final season six finale. By the same token, it has also been rumored that Steven Yuen has in fact signed on to stay with the zombie drama for an additional season at least, so the likelihood that Glenn is in fact dead is very low friends!

Either way however, ‘Thank You’ was a great episode in both action and suspense as an entire nation of Dead fans woke up today with Glenn on their mind and a tear in their collective eye!

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  • William Boyle
    26 October 2015 at 9:11 pm -

    Glen not being dead is an insult to the veiwers intelligence. There is no way nicks body could have sheilded glen from the walkers nor was there any reasonable avenue of escape from being flat on his back with the weight of many walkers pushing him down. Why they didnt simply shoot out the lock on the door and exit through the building is a gaping plot hole.

  • Tye Bourdony
    26 October 2015 at 9:16 pm -

    I could not agree with you more William, but from what I have seen, read and come across, this seems to be the best answer available at present!

    But again, it is somewhat irritating, yet refreshing at the same time!!! I was so sad when I thought Glenn actually died!!!

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