DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Constantine

The WB plans to expand the TV DCU.

TV Line reports that with Thea’s “new life,” she also gets a new love. The CW’s Arrow has cast Carrie Diaries alum Austin Butler in the recurring role of Chase, a charismatic DJ whose talent and wiles will catch the attention of Oliver’s kid sister (who last was seen being whisked away by her big bad bio-dad, Malcolm Merlyn). Chase and Thea’s professional relationship will, of course, quickly blossom into a romance. Butler first appears in Episode 7.

Comic Book Movie reports that the showrunners on CW’s The Flash plan to add Wally West. Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, executive producers, were on stage for the show’s PaleyFest panel, along with Jesse L. Martin (Det. West) and Candice Patton (Iris West). One of the topics discussed was the fact that the West’s are African-American on the show and what that would mean if fan-favorite Flash, Wally West was ever introduced on the show.

Said Greg Berlanti, “We made [the] Wests African-American so that we could head in that direction.” Kreisberg added, “When DC reintroduced Wally [in the New 52], he was African-American.”

Deadline reports that with the success of Arrow and launch of The Flash, the CW is turning to their tried and tested producer to give a daughter of Krypton her day in the yellow sun. Greg Berlanti will team with Ali Adler, who worked on his ABC series No Ordinary Family. The show is still in development, is without a title, and will be a new take on the Supergirl character and her story.

This isn’t the first time that Supergirl has soared onto our screens. Helen Slater made her motion picture debut in 1984’s big-screen outing Supergirl, beating out Brooke Shields and Melanie Griffith to land the coveted part.

Alexander and Ilya Salkind, the father-and-son producing team behind Christopher Reeve’s popular Superman film series, were also on board for this spinoff, but the movie flopped regardless, bombing at the box office and receiving a savaging from critics.

More popular was Smallville‘s interpretation of the character. The television series, chronicling a young Clark Kent’s path to becoming the Man of Steel, introduced Kara (played by Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort) in its seventh season.

Justice League Dark fans rejoice! Entertainment Weekly reports that NBC’s Constantine has cast the future Spectre. The New Orleans homicide detective, Jim Corrigan, will be played by Irish actor Emmett Scanlan, who is known to U.K. audiences for his roles on The BBC’s Atlantis and The Fall, and recently received some global viewership for a minor riot-guard role in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Constantine stars Matt Ryan as the the sarcastic street magician in the title role who battles demons, figurative and literal, using his wit and knowledge of the occult. Corrigan is potential ally who “is obsessed with justice, and who doesn’t let police procedure or red tape stop him from putting away the bad guys, even if the bad guys turn out to be inhuman.” As DC Comics fans know, however, Corrigan also eventually becomes the avenging spirit The Spectre.


Raissa Devereux became a life-long genre fan at the age of four when she first saw The Wizard of Oz at a screening at Arizona State University. Years later, she graduated from A.S.U. as an English major, History minor, Whovian, and Trekkie. Now a Florida transplant, she loves the opportunity Sci-Fi Pulse has given her to further explore space travel, time travel, masked heroes, gothic castles, and good yarns.
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