DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, Man of Steel 2

There are tidbits to lead into DCU series premieres this week in the US.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there are tidbits to lead into DCU series premieres this week in the US.

Entertainment Weekly had a brief preview of the Arrow season premiere…

Without giving too much out, what was your favorite moment of the Arrow season premiere? Thank you! — Em

There’s great comedy to be had with how Felicity handles domesticity, but my favorite moment is when Diggle makes a very divisive decision that will certainly come back to haunt him. All told, the premiere has several great twists at the end that set up what is likely to be a very compelling fourth season.

TVLine also reported some good news for Donna Smoak fans…

TVLine — which last month broke the news of Charlotte Ross’ return for Episode 6 of the new season (premiering Wednesday, Oct. 7) — now has learned that Donna Smoak will also appear in Episodes 9 and 10.


Finally, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted that the Arrow/The Flash crossover introducing Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Vandal Savage began filming. It’s appropriately entitled “Legends of Yesterday.”

Entertainment Weekly got some intriguing hints about dopplegangers on The Flash

Anything Flash related? — Tommy

What’s great about the introduction of Earth-Two is it opens up the possibility of seeing doppelgangers of our favorite characters. One I’m dying to see is Citizen Cold, the hero version of Captain Cold, who was featured in the Flashpoint comic arc. When I asked EP Andrew Kreisberg about it last month, he said it was still TBD. “There are some things that we’re planning on, there are some things we’re excited we have an idea for,” he said. “We found in breaking this season, it’s getting crazier the more we talk about it. We were afraid to really dive in in the beginning, and the more that the stories really help sell the idea of Earth-Two, in the same way that we sold the idea of time travel last year, we really feel like we can start toying with some of the more whacked out possibilities of having a parallel world and dopplegangers.”

According to Digital Spy, the rumor that George Miller will be directing Man of Steel 2 is false…

When asked if he’d had conversations with Warner Bros. about the “Man of Steel” followup, he explained, “There’s been some of that in the mix, but I’d say probably not true.”

“I hope the next film I make is a very small film without any special effects and not many stunts,” he laughed.

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