DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, iZombie, Lucifer

Arrow, The Flash, and their untitled spin-off go to PaleyFest, the iZombie EP talks mythology, and there’s more Lucifer casting.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, Arrow, The Flash, and their untitled spin-off go to PaleyFest, the iZombie EP talks mythology, and there’s more Lucifer casting.

At the recent PaleyFest panel, Entertainment Weekly learned that The Arrow’s secret is about to really get out…

But the expansion of people who know the truth about Oliver is actually a good thing, says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. “Now that somebody knows and more people will find out, for us it’s actually a relief because we don’t have to keep structuring these ridiculous [excuses for suddenly exiting],” he says. “Now that everybody knows, it creates a whole different kind of dynamic. Now there are no secrets, so it creates different kinds of secrets.”

At the same event, Entertainment Weekly also learned that time travel and the Wests will change everything on The Flash

However, considering upcoming episodes will feature time travel, it begs the question of how much will hold true as Barry toys with his want to save his late mother. “We’re definitely talking about the ramifications of time travel,” says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who also teased that the show will soon be taking on a major storyline directly from the comics. “There are episodes coming up where there is concern of certain events being changed in the past [that] would affect who people are and their relationships with each other. If the past changes, does the present change as well?”

…In other news relating to the Wests, executive producer Greg Berlanti teases that they hope to introduce elements of the Wally West story in season 2 and also explore exactly what happened to Mama West—though we will get a small hint towards her whereabouts soon. “There’s an amazing scene in an upcoming episode where Tom and Jesse discuss that,” Kreisberg says.

Entertainment Weekly also learned about the untitled Arrow/The Flash spinoff in the works…

“For me, it honors all of the great team up movies, whether it’s Ocean’s Eleven or whether it’s the superhero books,” Berlanti tells EW. “That’s what it’s about. If you go back to the old westerns, there would be The Lone Gunman, but there would also be The Magnificent Seven. It’s very much in the spirit of those kinds of movies and shows.”

…One of the main burning questions after the project’s announcement was why Robbie Amell was missing from the cast list, considering he makes up the other half of Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond. Unfortunately, it sounds like bad news could be on the horizon as Berlanti admits there is a particular reason for his absence, but “I can’t say why.”

While Robbie Amell will be M.I.A., Deadline reported that Dominic Purcell will return as as Mick Rory, A.K.A. Heat Wave. The new project, eyed for a midseason launch next season, extends the Flash reunion of Prison Break stars Miller and Purcell and would mark the first series regular gigs for both actors since the cult Fox drama.

iZombie creator Rob Thomas talked to TVLine about his show’s mythology…

TVLINE | With vampires, the rules of differ from Buffy to True Blood to Vampire Diaries. What are the hard-and-fast rules of zombie-ism in this show?

We have a really good idea of what the hard-and-fast rules are, but some of them are uncovered in the show, so I’m a little loathe to give out any of them. Basic rule, the thing that we talked a lot about, is that as long as these people that get scratched keep eating brains, yes, they go pale, their hair goes white, but they’re able to function. They could pass potentially for human. If they stop eating, they will turn into the traditional George Romero zombie. Liv says in the pilot, “If I don’t eat, I get meaner and dumber.” It’s a very slippery slope. In Episode 3, we see what happens to somebody who did not get to eat… The brains affect all zombies until they eat the next brains. And Liv is trying to figure out over the course of the first season, “Is it sexually transmitted? What if I kiss someone? What if I scratch someone?” But for the time being, she has a pretty good idea that she should not have sex with [her ex-fiancé] Major. She’s not willing to risk that.

TVLINE | You said at the TCA panel that you wanted to do a case-of-the-week show, but are you also developing a season-long mystery?

Oh yeah, there’s definitely a bigger mythology. The big macro is,”Prevent zombie apocalypse.” More of the Season 1 big storyline is, “There are teenagers going missing off the streets of Seattle. What is happening to them? And can we put an end to that?”

According to Deadline, two more roles have been cast in Lucifer. 24 star D.B. Woodside and Rachael Harris (The Hangover) have landed series regular roles in Fox’s comic book drama pilot. Woodside will play Amenadiel, an angel sent to L.A. to persuade Lucifer to return to hell. Harris is Linda, a therapist Lucifer initially encounters when working with Chloe to solve a case; Lucifer then seeks Linda’s professional advice.

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