DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl

Mr. Freeze enters the scene and more.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, Mr. Freeze enters the scene and more.

In an interview with MTV, Neal McDonough discussed how the feud between Damien Dark and the Green Arrow would develop Arrow

Apparently, Darhk doesn’t only care about taking over the world. According to McDonough: “You’ll find out about his personal life, which comes as a bit of a shock to everyone. Without giving it away, it’s a pretty good one. It’s really good. And, obviously, the Green Arrow’s gonna figure that out and use that against me also.”

However, in an interview with ComicBook.Com, Executive Producer Wendy Mericle refuted the theory that Darhk’s personal ties extended to Felicity…

“That’s a great idea, and such a great teaser, I almost don’t want to spoil it,” Mericle told ComicBook.com during an interview, the full text of which will run later today. “Unfortunately, no. Damien Darhk is not her father. That’s a great theory. Who knows! You guys might have just arc-ed out the rest of the season for us right then and there! No, that’s a great idea, but no, he is not. We are going to bring her father in. He will definitely be evil. He’s going to be up to no good, but it’s not going to be Damien, unfortunately. Great idea though. Huge props to everyone there. That’s amazing.”

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer of The Flash, previewed the scope of the show going forward…

“The next episode opens in a slightly surprising way,” Kreisberg teases, potentially hinting toward seeing things from this Wells’ perspective.”The beginning of [episode] 5 is really exciting and you’re going to get a lot of answers to questions you probably have.”

In fact, the next few episodes will be exploring more of the other side. “It’s about to go doppelgänger a-go-go,” Kreisberg teases. “Now we’re really going to pick up with… the Earth-Two storyline, so there will be doppelgängers and doubles.”

According to TVLine, Nathan Darrow has landed the pivotal and recurring role of Victor Fries (AKA Mr. Freeze) on Gotham

Here’s the official character description: “Though ferociously smart and eminently capable in his work as one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers, Victor struggles to make meaningful connections with others. The one exception is his wife, Nora (casting TBA), who has tragically fallen ill with a terminal disease. Victor’s love for Nora knows no bounds, so as her condition worsens, he goes to extreme measures to figure out a way to freeze her before she dies. This harrowing journey leads to his transformation into the legendary DC villain, Mr. Freeze.”

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Supergirl Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg addressed the show’s Big Bad…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about this twist at the end. What can you tell us about Kara’s aunt?
Her name is Astra. She’s a character that we’ve created for the show, who doesn’t come from the comics. On all the other shows, whenever the big bad has been personally tied to the hero, it’s always been that much more evocative — certainly you look at Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), and, in a lot of ways, Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). We thought it was really exciting that the villain be part of Kara’s family that Kara thought was dead. But beyond that, she’s her mother’s twin sister. Even though it’s not her mother, the big bad of the year wears her mother’s face. That’s certainly going to create emotional issues for Kara when she’s placed in situations where, perhaps to save Earth, she’s going to have to end her aunt’s life…

What can you tell us about Astra’s motivations? Is it just to make Kara pay for her mother Alura being their judge?

It’s actually a lot more complex than that. One of the most interesting things about our show is that everyone is doing what they’re doing for the same reasons, they’re just going about it in the wrong way. Very soon, when Astra and Kara finally confront each other, Astra says, “I’m here to save the Earth,” and she’ll say, “I watched one planet die, and I’m not going to do that again.” It’s always great when the hero and the villain are two sides of the same coin. Astra’s version of saving the Earth is quite different from Kara’s.

In addition to Kryptonian threats, there will be more local ones as well. According to ComicBook.Com, Henry Czerny will be joining the cast in the guest star role of Winslow Schott, better known to comic book fans as the Toyman…

In Supergirl Warner Bros. says, “Winslow Schott, Sr. is a classic D.C. supervillain, a mad criminal genius known as Toyman – and Winn’s estranged father. Toyman weaponizes toys to wreak destruction and revenge but is ultimately driven by one thing – the obsessive desire to reunite with his beloved son.”

Moreover, according to TVLine, Kara will face a political threat…

Do you have any scoop on CBS’ Supergirl? –SuperSurfSurf

Episode 11 will introduce the potentially recurring character of Senator Miranda Crane, a dynamic, persuasive and dangerous ideologue who is preparing for a White House run based on an anti-alien platform.

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