DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Aquaman

David Ramsey dishes on Arrow’s Diggle; there will be visiting siblings and a visiting Atom on The Flash; Bruno Heller discusses Gotham; and there are new ripples for Aquaman.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, David Ramsey dishes on Arrow’s Diggle; there will be visiting siblings and a visiting Atom on The Flash; Bruno Heller discusses Gotham; and there are new ripples for Aquaman.

In an interview with Collider, Arrow’s David Ramsey discusses how Oliver’s death affects Diggle…

The show is called Arrow, so the Arrow can’t be gone forever, but how difficult is the absence of Oliver Queen for Diggle?


RAMSEY:  We’ll get into more of Diggle’s backstory, in terms of his relationship with Andy, the brother he lost.  His hunt for Deadshot and his pure hatred for Deadshot was because he is the man who killed his brother.  Oliver fills that void.  Oliver is the brother he can save.  And now, he can’t and he didn’t.  So, you’re gonna see what that does to Diggle, specifically, and where that takes him, emotionally.

According to TVLine, siblings will also impact events on The Flash

Do you have anything on The Flash? –Sandy

Episode 16 is a real family affair, introducing both Captain Cold’s sister (played by The Tomorrow People‘s Peyton List) and Cisco’s brother (Sleepy Hollow‘s Nicholas Gonzalez). Of the latter casting, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg says, “We’re definitely going to see Cisco in his home environment, which is fun. Some of it’s based on the comic book work that Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates and I did, and some of it’s our own invention.” Bonus scoop: Episode 18 will unleash on Central City a bee-a-utiful tech wizard who rocks oversized shades and red lipstick… and has devised a clever-slash-amoral-slash-wildly unstable scheme to weaponize bee-sized ‘bots.

According to Variety, Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer will arrive in Central City just in time to help combat the “bee-sized ‘bots…”

Rickards and Routh will also bring their own brand of heroism to “The Flash” in episode 18 of “Arrow’s” sister show, which is fittingly titled “All-Star Team-Up,” teased Kreisberg: “In episode four of ‘Flash’ when Felicity came by, it wasn’t just a gag to have Felicity come by. It really was integrated into the story. When you reach what’s going on in ‘The Flash’ at that point in the season, Barry is really at a crossroads. Having Felicity come by exactly when he needs her really plays into the whole storyline. It’s fine because as Marc said, Ray Palmer is all about technology and STAR Labs is all about technology. We get to see Ray so happy to be in STAR Labs… With Cisco [Carlos Valdes] and Ray, they’re new best friends. The STAR Labs team is going to help Ray further his ATOM project.”

Routh was admittedly excited about the prospect of crossing over, telling Variety, “I’ve thought about that, because I’m a ‘Flash’ fan for sure — it’s a fun show and the energy of that show jives more with Ray’s energy, so I think he’ll definitely be a kid in a candy store over there, checking out all of their cool equipment and everything they have going on.”

Gotham creator/executive producer Bruno Heller discusses the remainder of the season with Comic Book Resources…

Give me a sense of the back half of the season as far as the tone, plotlines and who’s going to rise to more prominence.

Well, Morena Baccarin, playing Leslie Thompkins, has arrived. She’s going to be a big figure in Gordon’s life. We’re going to see a slow but dramatic change in the Riddler story. Ed is going to be confronted with some serious troubles that start changing his character in a very profound way. I think for Gordon, even as he starts, to a degree, conquering the politics of the GCPD and acquiring the kind of power and leverage he needs to make changes, his personal life and his moral balance are on much shakier ground. So I think towards the end of the season, you’re going to see someone who is at the height of his career, but personally at a very low ebb — or at a very dangerous ebb…

According to Latino Review, Warner Brothers wants a Star Trek alum to join Jason Momoa in the planned solo Aquaman film…

WB is waiting patiently for Star Trek 3 to go into production and finish because they’d like to have Karl Urban step into Aquaman in an unspecified supporting role, possibly the villain. Urban and WB have had a good relationship in the past with Urban almost becoming a Batman, and for TV, WB producing Urban-starring Almost Human with Bad Robot for Fox.

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