DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl

There are various character beats.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there are various character beats.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Arrow’s John Barrowman discussed Merlyn’s participation in the current arc…

TVLINE | Might we ever see Malcolm back in Star City? Has the new Ra’s earned vacation days yet?

Malcolm is Ra’s al Ghul now, he can do whatever he likes! Malcolm’s been watching what’s going on, he knows that Damien Darhk (played by Neal McDonough) is causing havoc, he knows that it’s getting close to harming his daughter and it’s also getting close to harming the man out there that he always wanted his son to be like, Oliver. Malcolm’s just waiting for that right moment, either to be asked or to step in — and when one of those moments happens, again the audience is going to go, “Oh my God, there he is!” Again, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but Malcolm will always be there when they need help.

TVLINE | I’m sure viewers would relish a John Barrowman/Neal McDonough face-off.

Heh-heh-heh…. “Keep watching.” [Laughs]

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Shantel VanSanten talked about Patty’s story line on The Flash

Given her backstory and her motivations, will we be seeing something along the lines of a confrontation with Mark Mardon soon? Or is this going to be a slow-burning kind of plot line?

I don’t actually know. I know Patty’s in all of the comic books right now. I know that their intent is to keep Patty around for some time, so I would think that they would drag the conflict out a little bit. But I also think that each metahuman she encounters, in Patty’s mind, is one step closer to taking one more out of society in a way. It’s a smaller victory until, hopefully, one day she does take on Mark Mardon, because that is her ultimate goal, is to have justice for her father. Each metahuman is a little step further to, I think, finding peace in her heart.

It’s interesting to play somebody who has a past, has a dark side and who is broken, but to not play into that — to be something that you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be, happy and goofy and spunky, but to still be ambitious in order to find all the metahumans and the wrong that’s happening in their world. Especially for the human beings not given powers. I love that part of her speech where she says, “I don’t have powers, but I know I want to stop them.” It’s that drive within her that she wishes existed in everybody.

TV Guide got scoop on Sara Lance’s frame of mind when she embarks on her new role in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

“Her story is really a simple one. It’s her trying to regain her humanity, trying to find a human connection,” Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer says. “It’s kind of this paradox that she’s selected for the team because she’s this ruthless, cold-blooded assassin and what she really wants is to feel again. And these two things are at odds.”

In addition TVLine has some tidbits on characters Sara will be interacting with…

I can cross my fingers for a Ray/Sara hookup on Legends of Tomorrow? I think Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh have a good chemistry already! –Jenny

EP Phil Klemmer all but confirmed a Ray/Sara pairing during the midseason series’ New York Comic Con panel, when he said in addressing a fan Q on that topic, “Any time you’re in in close, life-or-death quarters [about a time-traveling vessel], weird things happens with people.” Bonus scoop: Legends Episode 6 is casting a hulking, brawny a character who is poised to “pick up his father’s mantle and become a powerful villain,” as well as an African-American or biracial male who “decides to put on the uniform of a missing hero who once stood for justice and hope.”

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed the villains of Supergirl

“We always have a traditional big bad for the season, the sort of uber villain who is setting the plan in motion,” Kreisberg explained. “Just like with the other shows, there will also be villains of the week… the pilot sort of sets up the idea there was an alien prison from Krypton that crash landed on earth and all of the prisoners escaped. We’re going to be meeting some of those alien villains.”

“There will also be some human villains,” he added. “We’ve announced that the Toyman is going to be appearing on the show. Additionally, we have some major Kryptonian villains who are going to be big bads of this season.”

Moreover, TVLine got scoop on the Toyman…

Do you have any intel on new Supergirl casting? –Surf El-Danvers

As hinted at New York Comic-Con, the CBS series is casting Winslow Schott Sr. aka the deranged and violent Toyman. Freshly escaped from prison, Toyman seeks revenge on the man who cost him his job – after seeking some much-needed quality time up with son Winn aka Kara’s CatCo colleague. Toyman debuts in Episode 10, which is also casting Saffron Belle, the FBI agent hot on Toyman’s trail.

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