DC Musings: Wish List II

Back in May, I wrote a wish list for the CW DCU shows. I’d like to update that list prior to the new seasons starting.

Back in May, I wrote a wish list for the CW DCU shows. I’d like to update that list prior to the new seasons starting.

Girls’ Night Out — I’ll start with this most recent tidbit from TVLine

Question: Any possibility of having an all-girls mission during Season 6 of Arrow? —L.A.

Ausiello: “You know, we always talk about that — across all the shows. And it’s totally possible,” Arrow boss Marc Guggenheim answers. “But truth be told, I wouldn’t want to do it unless we could figure out a way to get Sara (played on Legends by Caity Lotz) in there as well. One of my favorite episodes was 406, where we had Speedy, Black Canary and Canary all fighting side-by-side-by side together, and that was a blast. Seeing three badass women was really, really awesome. [An all-girls mission] is on our ‘bucket list,’ but I really want to figure out a way to get Sara in there as well.”

I’m all for this, but if they expand the idea “across all the shows,” I would ask they not forget Clarissa Stein and Eliza Danvers. I would love to see both of them involved in a crossover scenario. Clarissa is the daughter, wife, and now mother of scientists. Her husband became half of a a superhero, and her daughter is a time aberration. What does Clarissa actually think about all that? Moreover, what would Eliza Danvers have to say about the connections both women share. They share science and superhero family members. More importantly, however, they represent flip sides of the same coin. Eliza’s super hero daughter is one of the last of her species. Clarissa’s super hero husband and daughter are both — in different ways — the first of theirs.

I’ve taken the next two items for this piece from my original list

Holocaust Remembrance — It will be taxing for David Harewood and Sharon Leal. Given the Martian story line on Supergirl, however, It’s vitally important that the last Green and the reconciling White take part in an episode centered around Terran holocaust remembrance. Hopefully, the story could feature actual holocaust survivors. We’re losing them to old age now, and the CW’s demo would greatly benefit from more visceral reminders of history they might not otherwise connect with.

The Justice League — I would love a story set on Earth-3. It would star Jamey Sheridan as Robert Queen/The Green Arrow, John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick/The Flash, Alex Kingston as Dinah Drake/The Black Canary, and guest star Lynda Carter as now Queen Diana of Themyscira. They would face the Legion of Doom featuring John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn/The Black Arrow, Mark Hamill as James Jesse/The Trickster, and Victor Garber as Martin Stein/Deathstorm.

I will only add that now both of those scenarios should include Carl Lumbly as M’yrnn J’onzz and Earth-3’s J’onn J’onzz respectively.

Frenemies — I gravitate to the magic and supernatural elements in these universes, so I really appreciated the introductions of Ra’s al Ghul and Damien Darhrk. That said, there’s a structural problem. The writers went to all that trouble to establish Ra’s and Darhk as frenemies of old. Yet, the two have never shared scenes together — no flashbacks, no time travel, no parallel doppelgängers, no rewritten realities. That literally makes no sense. I’m hoping that Damien Darhk’s continued presence on Legends of Tomorrow this coming season will give the writers opportunities to rectify that.

Time Master’s Thesis — As an extension of the previous item, I would love it if Ra’s and Darhk  could be explored in the context of meeting some of Ras’ predecessors through time travel. This would have two added benefits. First, the previous Ra’s could all be played by actors of color. Second, it could be a subplot for now recurring Rip Hunter, as he wrote his Time Master’s thesis on the League of Assassins.

These are just a few ideas I had. I’m looking forward to your wish lists in the comments.

Raissa Devereux became a life-long genre fan at the age of four when she first saw The Wizard of Oz at a screening at Arizona State University. Years later, she graduated from A.S.U. as an English major, History minor, Whovian, and Trekkie. Now a Florida transplant, she loves the opportunity Sci-Fi Pulse has given her to further explore space travel, time travel, masked heroes, gothic castles, and good yarns.
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