DC Musings: Who Is Zoom?

Warning: Contains spoilers for everything up to The Flash’s mid-season finale.

Warning: Contains spoilers for everything up to The Flash’s mid-season finale.

In the wake of The Flash’s festive mid-season finale, which featured the introduction of Wally West, Entertainment Weekly had this scoop to share…

What can you tease about Wally and Barry’s relationship on The Flash? — Samuel

Wally’s introduction could prove difficult for Barry. “Obviously, he wants Joe and Iris to be happy,” Grant Gustin says, noting that Barry and Wally won’t have a ton of interaction right off the bat. “Moving forward, Joe is really the only consistent father figure that Barry has had over the course of his life, so there’s an uneasy feeling there too. ‘Oh, now you actually have a real son, and I’m not your only son or that only person in your life now. I don’t fill that hole.’ “

I think thematically. As a result, this character beat became one more piece in the puzzle of Zoom’s identity. Follow me, as I try to complete this picture. First, there’s the issue of Henry Allen’s strangely abrupt departure in the season premiere. Granted, they regrettably don’t want to pay John Wesley Shipp as a regular. However, that doesn’t explain why the writers forced his exit in narrative terms. My theory is that, once gone, Henry Allen was “out of sight; out of mind” at least on the meta level. This allowed the writers and costumers to put Shipp in a modern costume on the current iteration of The Flash without the audience (they assumed) automatically associating the former Scarlet Speedster with the mystery role.

Second, there are two scenes with Harrison “Harry” Wells to consider. The first is a flashback sequence in “Enter Zoom.” During this scene, it’s revealed that Earth-2 Oliver died when the Queen’s Gambit sank, and his father, Robert Queen, became The Arrow. Given this elder generational internal logic, I think that Earth-2 Henry Allen is Zoom. Furthermore, when Earth-1 Henry Allen was re-introduced during “Gorilla Warfare,” Harry looked at him askance.

Of course, the evidence is circumstantial, but thematically, it works. Zoom could very easily be the twisted doppelgänger of Barry’s beloved biological father, who is blackmailing the doppelgänger of Barry’s other twisted father figure with a secret identity, Harrison Wells. The focus of the blackmail is Harry’s daughter. Added to that, the relationship between Barry and Joe will become complicated by the arrival of Joe’s son, Wally. Frankly, the thematic connections are as obvious as Speed Force lightning.

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