DC @ Comic-Con 2018: The Small Screen

This post will cover the CW shows, Krypton, Gotham, and Titans.

This post will cover the CW shows, Krypton, Gotham, and Titans. Due to a shortage of full panel footage this year, I’ll also be using cast interviews from TV Line and Extra TV.

I’ll be starting with Supergirl. First, Kara will be returning to journalism in season 4 for storylines that mirror our current reality. While spending more time at CatCo, Kara will be taking a new transgender character, Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) under her wing. For more on Nia and other new characters please watch the trailers and the full panel below.

CW DCU Sizzle — Heroes And Villains


SUPERGIRL Full Panel San Diego Comic Con 2018

Next, there’s Black Lightning. The newest CW offering gave viewers a recap trailer and massive amounts of camaraderie. In addition, TV Line reports that Jordan Calloway (Khalil) has become a series regular.

“I’m thrilled to have Jordan upped as a series regular,” showrunner Salim Akil said on Saturday at Black Lightning‘s San Diego Comic-Con panel. “He was a great asset to our show… during Season 1, and now that he has evolved into Painkiller, I can’t wait for you all to see him in Season 2.”

Black Lightning | Black Lightning Comic-Con® 2018 Trailer | The CW

‘Black Lightning’ Cast Reveal New Season 2 Characters at SDCC 2018 — Extra TV

As with youngest sibling series, Black Lightning, there’s no panel footage for Arrow. Courtesy of TV Line, however, we know they’ve cast The Longbow Hunters, as well as brought back some former foes.

Red Dart| She’s described by the network as “a ruthless and precise killer” and will be played by Holly Elissa, who’s credits include guest spots on Supernatural and Fringe.

Silencer| Her description is perhaps appropriately enigmatic — she’s “a master of stealth” and will be played by The Magicians vet Miranda Edwards.

Kodiak| He’s said to be “a beast of a man with brute force” — and judging from that look on the face of his portrayer, Van Helsing alum Michael Jonsson, who could doubt it?

As if they weren’t enough to contend with, while Oliver is behind bars, he’ll be, er, “reunited” with a Who’s Who of the foes he’s sent to the slammer. Set to recur are Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger, Cody Runnels as Derek Sampson and Vinnie Jones as Danny “Brick” Brickwell.

Arrow Season 7 Trailer Features Prison Shower Brawl, Mysterious New Archer

There are a number of takeaways going into Legends Of Tomorrow’s next season. I’ll highlight two here. First, they’ve hired Tom Wilson — best known as Biff in the Back to the Future movies — in a recurring role as Hank Heywood, the father of Nick Zano’s Nate. Hank is a charmer who spent his career in the military and the Department of Defense; “he’s left big shoes for Nate to fill — and it doesn’t help that Nate can’t tell him he’s secretly a Legend!”

Second and most sad, the Legends will not be participating in the crossover this year. I really wanted Kara to interact with Constantine.

Legends of Tomorrow’ Cast Previews ‘Season 4’ | Comic-Con 2018 | TVLine

Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

The Flash is the final CW offering. The takeaways here are Cicada (Chris Klein) as the new villain, a new West-Allen family dynamic, and a new Wells.

‘The Flash’ Cast Previews Season 5, Nora, Cicada Villain | Comic-Con 2018 | TVLine

The Flash Trailer

Having covered the CW DCU, I’ll finish with cast interviews discussing the final season of Gotham, as well as the new trailer for Titans.

David Mazouz Talks ‘Gotham’ Final Season, Becoming Batman | Comic-Con 2018 | TVLine

In DC Universe’s First Titans Trailer, Robin Has Harsh Words for Batman!

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