David Tennant To Provide His Voice For ‘Chew’ Adaptation

Tennant will play the role of Mason Savoy, the detective’s mentor-turned-villain.

Former ‘Doctor Who’ star David Tennant is to provide his voice for a role in the animated adaptation of the popular comic book ‘Chew’.

For those that have been living under a rock these last few years ‘Chew’ is a detective that has the unique talent of being able to solve crimes with his sense of taste. He is basically a human forensics laboratory who can tell where something has been by tasting and chewing on it. He gets psychic impressions on whatever he tastes.

‘Walking Dead’ star Steven Yeun and Felicia Day, the creator of web series ‘The Guild,’ are already on the roll call for the project, which has a script by ‘Chew’ co-creator John Layman. (Layman writes the book while Rob Guillory does the art.)

Tennant will play the role of Mason Savoy, the detective’s mentor-turned-villain.

Yeun and Day recorded their parts last year, but Tennant was working this week. Work on the project stalled last year due to the unfortunate passing of Robin Williams, who Tennant takes over from.

The producers were in negotiation process with Williams, a comic book reader and a fan of both Chew and the Heavy Metal magazine, when the actor-comedian committed suicide. The producers took time to regroup before seeking a new actor.

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