Darth Vader Rogue One Featurette is quite fun!

The featurette is quite fun and allows fans of the film to peer behind-the-scenes and see what it took to bring back Vader to life again.

Almost all Star Wars fans would agree that seeing more of Darth Vader’s role leading up to the now classic events of Star Wars: A New Hope, was one of the best moments of Star Wars: Rogue One, which is scheduled to be released on DVD and Blue Ray on April 4, 2017.

In anticipation of the much awaited Rogue One release on DVD, Lucasfilm has created and released a digital featurette revolving around Darth Vader and his fan-favorite role in Disney’s most recent Star Wars film.

While Vader was not the focus of the film, his role was none the less crucial as it set the stage for the premise of Rogue One, which naturally sets the stage within the Star Wars Universe for Episode IV, A New Hope, in which audience around the world were first introduced to Darth Vader, along with his unrealized biological twins, Princess Leia and young Luke Skywalker.

The featurette is not only quite fun but it also allows fans of the film to peer behind-the-scenes and see some of what it took to bring Vader to life once again within the context of Rogue One’s retro look back to 1978 and the original Star Wars. The featurette also has fun interviews with the films director, Gareth Edwards, along with his director of photography Greig Fraser, and even actor Ben Mendelsohn, who played the film’s bad guy, Orson Krennic.

The Rogue One Darth Vader Featurette can be previewed below:



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