In Review: Dark Matter – She’s One Of Them Now

The crew with the help of their handler, Tabor Calchek, three crew members infiltrate a high - security facility via clone.

Synopsis: In ‘She’s One Of Them Now’ The crew with the help of their handler, Tabor Calchek, three crew members infiltrate a high – security facility via clone.

Review: In this episode we get treated to a guest appearance from David Hewlett who plays Tabor Calchek. Granted he is a little typecast in a role that is very similar to his Stargate Atlantis role, but he does it so well.

Story-wise we finally learn why Alicia Reynaud is so interested in tracking down the crew of the Raza and its not good news for the rest of the galaxy. But the mission that sees Five, Three and Four having to use their clones is a lot of fun and allows Five some room to show off her extremely cool hacking skills.

In terms of character beats. It is now the beginning of the end for Devon who has been serving as the ships Doctor since they broke out of prison, but we get some fantastic character moments between him and Nyx as he confesses to her the thing that has been driving his reliance on drugs.

Back on the mission Three and Four get captured by Reynaud who makes good use of her personal torture expert to put them through their paces. She’s doesn’t count on Five having the resourcefulness to come back for them.

Reynaud has figured out a way to hack the Clone Pods on the Raza and plans to send a signal to one of them in order to kill one of the team, but thankfully that doesn’t happen before Five shoots Three and Four in order to get them back to the ship because time is running out because Reynaud has figured out that there was a third team member.

Now Reynaud not being the type to give up easily has sent one of her ships out to attack the Raza. Luckily the Raza is able to hold her ships off and have enough time to send a shuttle back to pick up five who has the vital bit of stolen technology that they have nicked of Reynaud. As they return to the Raza the Android has figured out a way to disable their attackers weapons to buy them enough time to make their get away.

Having narrowly escaped. The Raze decide to test on the new tech. A blink drive if it works will allow them to go from one point to another point without any need for actual travel. To do this test they drop Nyx and Devon at a nearby station. Nyx leaves the Raze in order to help Devon with his problems by lending a sympathetic ear. Unfortunately Devon doesn’t make it as he is murdered by Nyx’s former crew mates who are on the hunt for her and the Raza.

This was a great episode, which revealed a lot about Reynaud and her interest in the Raza. I also liked the fact that Nyx’s former crew members make another appearance near the end of the story. Things look like they could be about to get interesting for the last few episodes of this second season.

Also enjoyed seeing David Hewlett’s guest spot because it added a light touch to what was otherwise a quite dark episode.

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