Daniel Craig Bond Movies Ranked

The tenure of Daniel Craig as James Bond is coming to an end . . .However, not before No Time to Die (2021) the hotly anticipated "swan song" of Daniel Craig.
Daniel Craig

The tenure of Daniel Craig as James Bond is coming to an end . . .However, not before No Time to Die (2021) the hotly anticipated “swan song” of Daniel Craig. Consequently, SciFiPulse is here to rank his first four Bond offerings, from the bottom (4) to top pick (1) . . .

4 Quantum of Solace

Firstly, not a terrible film. But definitely the weak link of Craig’s outings. Perhaps Quantum of Solace (2008) having to follow Casino Royale (2006) was always going to have an impact on it. But the reasons the film just didn’t stand up like the others are many. The way it was shot was odd, and a little jarring. Also, that meant that the fight scenes looked awkward. It’s still an important movie, though.


3 Skyfall

Certainly, fans were excited when Javier Bardem was announced as a “Bond Villain”. And, he didn’t dissappoint, either. But the movie wasn’t wholly successful because of him. We got a very much stripped-back Bond and a smart commentary on how the “spy game” is very different today than it was when Ian Fleming began writing the Bond stories. And, of course, we saw a changing of the guard, as Judi Dench played M for the last time. Overall, a strong outing and the first one where Daniel Craig seemed a true action hero in it.

2 Spectre

This one was the one with the payoff . . . The arc that had been building seemed to finally come full circle, here. Additionally, we got to see a new Blofeld, in Christoph Waltz. And, what a job he did. There were elements of the modern gothic, and some truly epic action sequences, in this film. Yet, what really made it memorable was the way it paid homage to other, older Bond movies, in smart ways.

1 Casino Royale

The one that announced “James Blonde”. Daniel Craig silenced would-be doubters and boo-boys, with an exhilarating, incredible performance. The result was a character study we hadn’t really seen since On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). This is the movie that brought Bond into the modern era and is a true classic. What separates it from Craig’s other Bond films is that it was innovative and daring. It could have gone badly wrong and relied massively on Craig to make sure that didn’t happen. He did just that, and more!.




So, there you have it. Our rankings for the last four Bond outings and the reasons we made our choices. Just like the rest of us, we’re sure your all super excited to finally see the next installment of the world’s greatest, and original “super-spy”. It’s not long now . . .


No Time to Die is released worldwide on September 30th. Look out for a thematic special from May The Verse Be With You . . .




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