The Daleks From ‘Doctor Who’ Could Hold The Key To Exterminating Infection

Could the daleks be the key to saving humanity as apposed to being the architects of doom?

Could the daleks be the key to saving humanity as apposed to being the architects of doom?

Apparently so. A team of scientist have discovered that a bacteria found in one of the Doctors mortal enemies ‘The Daleks’ could hold the key to a new strand of antibiotics.

Recent reports have indicated that human resistance to existing antibiotics could lead to 10 million deaths a year by 2050. If no new drugs are found it could lead to a situation much more threatening than the daleks by plunging human medicine back into the dark ages.

A new project called  ‘Swab and Send’, lead by scientist Dr Adam Roberts at University College London, is asking people to send swabs to help with research in tackling the crisis.

Dr Adam Roberts  of ‘Inside Science’ and his team of intrepid scientist managed to corner a Dalek in the BBC’s foyer and after barely escaping with their lives. They managed to swap a sample from the fiendish pepper pot of doom.

When they tested this dalek sample in their lab. The results produced some intriguing results.

“We’ve got at least three different types of bacteria from the Dalek that were able to exterminate our Micrococcus indicator strain,” Roberts said. Davros would be horrified.

Who would have thought that the Daleks could well be the saviours of the human race.

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