CW DCU At San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Trailers, Dual Roles, & A Returning Robin For Crisis

First, we got the trailers…

CW Superhero Sizzle Reel


‘Arrow’ Final Season Trailer

The Flash Season 6 Trailer

Supergirl Season 5 Official Trailer

Black Lightning Sizzle Reel

Following them, the panels were full of wonderful announcements and details. Just so this article isn’t as long as the original Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, I’ll limit myself to highlights.

To begin with, LaMonica Garrett isn’t just playing The Monitor. He’s playing The Anti-Monitor as well.

Moreover, according to TVLine, Garrett isn’t the only one in a dual role for Crisis. In addition to playing yet another iteration of Harrison Wells on The Flash this season, Tom Cavanagh will also portray Pariah, a DC Comics character whose unorthodox experiments to view the creation of the universe result in the Anti-Monitor learning of the existence of his Earth and destroying it with waves of anti-matter.

Pariah will emerge as a result of a “very, very big twist at the end of the Bloodwork case that launches Crisis, new showrunner Eric Wallace teased. (Bloodwork, aka Dr. Ramsey Rosso, is the new Big Bad, to be played by Heroes vet Sendhil Ramamurthy, in the first half of Season 6.

But wait, there’s even more dual role goodness. It was revealed earlier this week that Brandon Routh would be suiting up as both The Atom for Legends of Tomorrow and returning as a Superman doppelgänger for Crisis. Entertainment Weekly’s Arrowverse panel coverage revealed which iteration Routh would be playing…

“Well, I spoke to WB, we actually discovered this last year on last year’s crossover: Every time they have a costume, they basically put it in their archives. And they don’t like to let it out,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim said at the panel. “So we won’t be able to use your original costume. We’re still figuring it out. We’ll dress you in something, obviously. If you have any ideas, we’re all ears.”

At that point, Routh exclaimed, “I have an idea!” and opened his button-down shirt, revealing a Superman T-shirt beneath. But this one replaces the traditional yellow in the Superman “S” with black, which comic fans will recognize as the logo of the Superman from Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ classic comic Kingdom Come.

“I think we’re going to do that!” Guggenheim said.

Kingdom Come is a story set in the far future, when Superman has gotten gray in the temples and is facing competition from a younger, more violent generation of superheroes.

Finally, according to io9, Batwoman creator Caroline Dries revealed awesome legacy casting for Crisis during the panel for her new superhero show. Burt Ward, Robin from the ‘60s Batman TV series, will be appearing in some capacity.

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