Craig Engler, Co-Creator of “Z Nation” on Syfy, has just revealed his latest project [Press Release]]


The Last Days of Earth, a serialized SF novel that blurs fiction and reality, is one of the hand-picked projects chosen by Kickstarter to launch its new Drip platform. While Kickstarter is designed for one-time funding, Drip was created as a venue for ongoing funding such as recurring subscriptions.

Drip is the perfect platform for a new kind of storytelling, an alternate reality book where readers receive mysterious objects and clues in the mail timed to coincide with serialized installments of the story. The Last Days of Earth was created by Craig Engler, a TV writer whose hit show Z Nation is currently airing on Syfy.

“The project started out as a TV pilot, but I realized the themes and concepts I wanted to explore would work better as a novel,” Engler said. “But not just any novel. To tell the story right, it needed to be a serialized online book that unfolded in ‘seasons’ like a TV show and included real-world objects that would show up in readers’ mailboxes.

“The mystery objects stem from a concept in narrative theory called paratext. The idea of paratext is that things outside the text of a book — the cover art, reviews, blurbs, etc. — influence how readers experience the book. I wanted to take that idea further and create a story where physical objects were integral to the experience.”

Drip turned out to be the perfect platform to launch the project on.

“Drip not only had the subscription and digital distribution platform I was looking for, it’s also immediately accessible by the nearly 14 million people who’ve backed Kickstarter projects, giving it a built-in audience,” Engler said.

Kickstarter’s 13.7 million backers can use their existing login details and stored payment information to easily support creators on Drip.

Feel free to learn more about Craig Engler by following him on twitter @craigengler, and check out this project’s homepage.

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