Darrin Ramage’s Terror TV, Council Tree Productions and Arizona’s Sun Studios Greenlight “Terror Talk”

John Skipp, known in horror circles as one of the godfathers of the literary movement “Splatterpunk,” is among the guests in the premiere episode.

Terror TV has greenlit Council Tree Productions’ “Terror Talk,” a monthly series of specials and the first original project for the burgeoning subscription service, the brainchild of producer and executive Darrin Ramage. The monthly 30-minute roundtable features a rotating cast of horror icons discussing not only all things horror and genre, but contemporary topics such as politics, violence in media, racism and gun violence in truth and fiction.

John Skipp, known in horror circles as one of the godfathers of the literary movement “Splatterpunk,” is among the guests in the premiere episode. The director of “Sharknado” (films 1-6), Anthony C. Ferrante, will join him, along with scream queen icon Caroline Williams and “Z Nation’s” Kellita Smith.

Council Tree Productions’ partner Joel Eisenberg, whose classic television-themed talk show “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato” premiered July 1, 2019 on Amazon Prime, says: “I promise you will be surprised at the perspectives of some of our most noted fantasists. When one writes or performs horror or a related genre for a living, that unique artistic sensibility will certainly be an eye-opener.”

Joel’s Amazon bestselling fantasy saga with co-author Steve Hillard, “The Chronicles of Ara,” was developed by Ovation TV and Gil Adler Productions for an 8-hour miniseries in 2015. He has  also developed projects with or sold projects to FOX Studios, CBS-Decades, TNT, Atari, Roddenberry Entertainment, Cinemax, and Warner Brothers, among others. Further, Joel has written and/or executive produced several feature films (“Out of the Black” as co-writer, “April Showers” as EP) that have won nearly two dozen U.S. film festival awards. He partners with Steve Hillard in Council Tree Productions, a television development company.

“Terror Talk” producer Lorie Girsh Eisenberg is the head of GE Global, a boutique PR firm that has worked primarily with independent authors. Lorie was the lead producer on “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato.”

Jay Michaels, an indie film and live event producer and promotional executive, is the host of “Terror Talk.” Michaels, a notable presence in the world of independent theatre and film as a producer and an actor, has been charting horror and science fiction on film and television since 1973. “The well-made horror film is as much a chronicle of each era as the news itself,” he says. “They are visceral cautionary tales no different than that of the ancient Greek tragedies, Shakespeare, or even the parables of the Bible.” In 1997, Michaels formed Genesis Repertory Ensemble, Inc., with fellow producer and writer, Mary Elizabeth Micari, dedicated to giving opportunities to emerging artists in the film and live event industries. He is also a judge for the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival.

Executive Producer Darrin Ramage is the head of Acort International, a feature film distribution company and CEO of Arizona’s Sun Studios.

“Terror Talk” is expected to begin airing towards the end of October, with the first episode lensing August 31. Terror TV (www.terrortv.com) is available directly online, and on Roku and IOS devices.


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