Could the New Aquaman Film Lead to More Related Games About the Character?

Aquaman has proven to be by far the most popular character in the DC Extended Universe, with the first solo adventure featuring the ocean dweller earning $1.148 billion for Warner Bros.

Aquaman has proven to be by far the most popular character in the DC Extended Universe, with the first solo adventure featuring the ocean dweller earning $1.148 billion for Warner Bros. Pictures. Because of that success, Aquaman 2 is already in production and is set for a December 2022 release. The character has proven to be extremely popular, and it would make sense for developers to release games about him so that people can enjoy the story in other ways.


Bingo Slot Games Would be the Perfect Way to Enjoy Aquaman

One place in which Aquaman could easily be represented is the online slots industry. Slots are now more popular than ever thanks to their inclusion at bingo sites, and superheroes have been a common theme for this type of game. Looking at the bingo and slots at Betfair, it is clear that there would be a market there for an Aquaman game. This is because it already has some ocean-themed offerings such as Fishin’ Frenzy and Pirates’ Plenty: The Sunken Treasure. An Aquaman slot could help market the new film before it’s released and make more people aware of it.


Aquaman 2 Set for Release Next Year

Jason Momoa has been a huge hit as the powerful leader of Atlantis, and viewers can’t get enough of the former Game of Thrones star. Even before Aquaman became a box office sensation, it seemed inevitable there would be future film releases in this story. Work had already begun on a sequel in December 2018, and James Wan stated in interviews that he had purposefully left things open for later installments as well. He also stated that the new film would be more serious.

The sequel was confirmed officially in 2019, with Momoa and co-star Amber Heard also stating that they were reprising their roles. There is speculation that the new film will focus on the underwater city of Necrus, which is well known to readers of the comics. As long as the filmmakers stick closely to the lore of Aquaman, the new picture has every chance of being as successful as its predecessor.


Perfect Time for a New Console Game

Many fans will be desperately hoping that a new console game is released alongside Aquaman 2. In terms of superhero representations on console, Aquaman has appeared in far fewer games than many of his peers. One game was Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis in 2003, which was released for Xbox and GameCube.

This title was met with a poor critical reception and may have been one of the reasons why developers have tended to shy away from the character. However, now that consoles have much better capabilities than they did back then, there is a chance that developers could do the character justice and create a fun game.

Fans of DC and comic book films, in general, will be eagerly anticipating the new installment of Aquaman. If the 2022 picture is accompanied by some exciting slots and a console game, it could enhance people’s enjoyment of the character and increase the success of the franchise.

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