Cosmic Master Jim Starlin Remasters DREADSTAR

But Starlin’s most personal, beloved story may well be the DREADSTAR saga, which is now being collected in an Omnibus series remastered by Jim Starlin himself.

TONAWANDA, NY  Jim Starlin is best known for his cosmic epics, and the creation of characters like Thanos, Drax, Gamora, and many more, who have become recognized worldwide thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Avengers: Endgame,” again pitting the Avengers against Thanos, is due in theaters soon. But Starlin’s most personal, the beloved story may well be the DREADSTAR saga, which is now being collected in an Omnibus series remastered by Jim Starlin himself.

Starlin is teaming up with Ominous Press once again to present JIM STARLIN’S DREADSTAR OMNIBUS, a three-volume set collecting all of Starlin’s DREADSTAR saga, more than 1,500 pages of material. DREADSTAR is the cosmos-spanning tale of Vanth Dreadstar, last survivor of Milky Way galaxy, who assembles a band of misfits in order to take on the Lord High Papal’s Church of the Instrumentality, as well as the galaxy-controlling Monrachy.

Volume 1 is being offered now on Kickstarter, a 512-page tome that collects the original Metamorphosis Odyssey presented in Epic Illustrated magazine, to the Dreadstar graphic novel, The Price graphic novel, the Epic Illustrated #18 short story, and the first eight issues of the standalone Dreadstar comic series. Bonus material in Volume 1 includes Starlin’s Metamorphosis Odyssey Portfolio, as well as the rare four-page Starlin story The Prayer

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Volumes 2 and 3 will complete Starlin’s DREADSTAR saga, collecting up through issue #40 of the regular series, along with bonus material.  Each volume features brand new cover art by Starlin. A slipcase designed to hold all three volumes also includes new Starlin art. Having injured his drawing hand in an accident, Starlin believed his drawing days were over. But he worked his drawing muscles into shape again, and painstakingly drew and colored these new covers and slipcase art.

Dreadstar was the Guardians of the Galaxy before there was a Guardians of the Galaxy,” Jim Starlin said of his star-spanning series. “It was a labor of love that I worked nearly a decade on. Hopefully with a little love from you folks, we’ll get this book out there in print again.”

The project continues the collaboration between Ominous Press and Starlin, a partnership that recently produced the handsome hardcover editions of Black Book: The Art of Jim Starlin and the illustrated novella Mindgames: A Hardcore Station Story.

The current Kickstarter campaign offers a range of rewards, including print and digital versions of the DREADSTAR OMNIBUS Volume 1, Black Book: The Art of Jim Starlin, and Mindgames: A Hardcore Station Story. The campaign also offers a remastered reprint of Dreadstar #1, with new covers by an array of superstar artists, including Chris Burnham, Patrick Zircher, Bart Sears, Andy Smith, and Joe Staton. These highly-collectible Legacy Editions are strictly limited to 100 issues each.

Also being offering is an impressive one-sixth scale figure of Vanth Dreadstar, created by master sculptor Paul Harding (DC Collectibles, Gentle Giant, Tweeterhead).

Ominous Press Publisher Sean HusVar, said, “Ominous is so pleased to continue our relationship with Jim Starlin with this Dreadstar project. We’re all fans of Dreadstar from way back, and we’re excited to present this remastered opus to Starlin fans old and new alike. If this goes well, who knows what the future might hold for Ominous and Dreadstar.”

The DREADSTAR OMNIBUS Kickstarter is live now:

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