Concerns Around Cast & Characters in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

A few days back. We got some fresh news with regards to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.
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Boldy Adding To Strange New Worlds

A few days back. We got some fresh news with regards to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The prequel series for the original Star Trek series and a spin-off from ST: Discovery. In a nutshell, we got news about new characters and the type of actors the production was looking for. While we are all for new character as well as proper representation for different ethnicity and sexualities. We are a little concerned that it might come at the expense of other established characters in Star Trek Cannon.

The new series. Which will begin shooting in February of 2021 will of course include Captain Christopher Pike, Mr. Spock, and Number One. All of whom will be reprised by Anson MountEthan Peck, and Rebecca Romijn. But the series will introduce the following newer characters, who we have never seen before.

New Characters Joining the Crew of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Yeboah – An African-American rookie fresh out of the academy. She is in her early twenties, making her the youngest member of Enterprise. She is a linguistics genius and the brightest of the lot. her accent could be American or otherwise.

La’an – She is in her early thirties and is the head of security. The network wants the actor to be an East Indian, Asian, or Middle Eastern. La’an suffers from PTSD. She is a badass warrior who has had ample experience fighting in the battlefield.

Ortegas – A Latinx woman who is in her late twenties. She is an experienced vet. The character has maintained a dry sense of humor to help her cope with the amount of combat she has seen. She is funny and smart as heck. From the looks of it, the character looks pretty similar to Riker, who could crack a joke and a skull at the same time.

Biodun – He is the ship’s doctor. Biodun is within the Captain’s inner circle of trust. He is black, in his forties, and has an air of erudition around him. This character is the greatest puzzle of them all.

Miller – This character is clearly based on Dr. Crusher. She is the heart of the sick bay. In her late twenties to early thirties, Miller is Caucasian, and very open-minded and unorthodox.

While all these new additions sound wonderful. It is somewhat concerning that a number of characters from the original Star Trek pilot ‘The Cage’ are absent from this list. That said we believe the events in this show will be 10 years before the original Star Trek series. So there is wiggle room for the missing characters to be written into the series at a later date. Obviously, a Starship as important as the Enterprise will have personnel changes and Captain Pike served for 10 years as her Captain before he handed over to Kirk. Which, subsequently means that we could well see a few comings and goings to the cast as the series evolves.

For those new to The Star Trek: Universe that is not in the know. We’re including the missing characters below.

Classic Characters from The Original Star Trek Pilot Episode ‘The Cage’


Dr. Phillip Boyce – was the chief medical officer in the original series pilot. He was a confidante of Captain Pike and part Doctor and part bartender. Afterall. A person will often talk more to their bartender than they would to a Doctor. At least that was the logic of the time in which the original Star Trek series was made. Subsequently, Dr. Boyce proved an important character in ‘The Cage’ and had a pretty big scene that explored the psychology of Pike in the episode. That said. That said. The Enterprise did actually go through two Chief Medical Officers before Kirk brought Dr. McCoy on board. So it will be interesting to see how newcomer Dr. Biodun stands up when compared to past Doctors.



Lt. José Tyler – Was Pike’s Helmsman at the time of ‘The Cage’ and was rather fresh-faced and somewhat hungry for adventure. When watching the pilot episode years and years ago. I always got the impression that Tyler was fairly new to his post because he did seem to look to Number One a fair bit for support.


Yeoman J.M. Colt – Colt also felt like a new addition when I saw the episode. She obviously had a huge crush on Pike and this became a plot point when she and Number One were present to Pike by the Talosians as potential partners to live with him in their cage. Colt was fresh-faced and eager to please within her role as Captains Yoeman. (It is interesting to note that there was an Alien character called Colt in the second season of Discovery.)



Transporter Chief Pitcairn – Pitcairn was in charge of the ship’s transporters and as such. He didn’t really get a huge amount of screen time or too much dialogue in the episode. We’ve included him because although very much a silent character. He does perform an important function on the show.


Although we only saw these characters in the original pilot episode for Star Trek. They have all featured at some point or other in comics and books. And all helped establish Pike in the pilot episode as well as establish the premise for ‘Star Trek’.

So it would be nice to see these characters get included at some stage in ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ as the show boldly goes into the relatively unexplored territory of Captain Pikes’ voyages.


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