“Comics Are Dying: The Comic” by 1 Writer and 100 Artists

Louis Southard announces new book

For the better part of a century, people have said that comic books are dying. Crisis after crisis, the comic book industry has survived and lives to this day. So, to celebrate its harrowing journey into the 21st century, a satirical OGN about the history of comic books has taken shape. Introducing the ironically named Comics Are Dying: The Comic – a brief history and celebration of the comic book industry!

Curated and written by Louis Southard, a 24 year old comic book writer (THE BLACKOUT BOMBSHELL / MIDNIGHT WESTERN THEATRE / VILLAINS SEEKING HERO), the book is about the history of comic books using one-page short story comics with a new artist for every page. The main goal was to create a diverse team of 100 people featuring a collective of established as well as up-and-coming artists from all walks of life for this. Comics Are Dying: The Comic exists to create a fun, educational, tongue-in-cheek, parodic, and optimistic book to help attract new readers, give artists jobs, and help comic book stores.



Southard had this to say: “I was incensed and motivated at the end of 2023 following me witnessing bullies, fanatics, and con men abusing this industry online and in real life. I felt that I wanted–or needed–to do something about it and put some much needed optimism into the world of comic books. More importantly, I didn’t want to just talk. I needed to do something more tangible. I wanted to help the industry by giving people jobs and a chance to show off their artistic merit. It’s a personal and financial gambit on my end, but I care about the comic book industry and I believe the people who keep it alive must be treated well, paid on time, and given the opportunity to shine. If I can do that on my own as an independent creator, there’s no real excuse for any other larger entity not to. These are some of the best people working today and, without them, we have nothing but words.”



Here is a look at the first fifty artists signed onto the team. Old and young. Experienced and brand new. Black and white. Cis and trans. Queer and straight. This team is a melting pot of sheer talent and a wonderful showcase of diversity within the industry.

With tentative talks already in place, the project is looking for a publisher as ambitious as the book itself for the overall sake of supporting readers, comic book stores, and the next generation of comic book artists. However, if no one is bold enough to accept the challenge, the entire comic book will be released to the public for free online as a digital artist showcase of some of the best creative talent working today!



You can learn more about Louis Southard by visiting his homepage, and by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

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