Comic Review: Torchwood: World Without End #1

As Rhys riffs, “…Might be the 21st century but nothing’s bloody changed at all if you ask me.”

Synopsis: The world is in danger. It must be Tuesday. Torchwood is Back, in an all-new ongoing comics series written by Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman! Captain Jack Harkness is back in Cardiff, and there’s only one person he can turn to, the last person who expected to see him, Gwen Cooper! On the road, on the run, and under fire, can the pair put aside their differences and rebuild the heart of Torchwood, before its flame is stamped out forever? Even better, the new comics series is in continuity with the amazing new Torchwood audio dramas from Big Finish; join us both for the official continuation of the Torchwood saga.

Review: The Story: Torchwood: World Without End #1 gives readers obligatory exposition. Carole and John Barrowman re-introduce Jack, Gwen, and Rhys. Readers also get re-acquainted with the crew of the Ice Maiden from the Barrowmans Torchwood: Exodus Code. The caption description of the ship’s skipper is my favorite. “Dana MacLeish — Too bloody early for titles, but Captain, if you must know.”

Our motley band of heroes must defend the world from sea monsters and ninjas on flying jet skis. Moreover, readers have to hope that a certain dropout of murder rehab is on the side of good. As Rhys riffs, “…Might be the 21st century but nothing’s bloody changed at all if you ask me.”

The Art: The art by Antonio Fuso and Pasquale Qualano is a very effective photo real illustration style. Gwen’s farewell to Rhys on page 18 is the best character beat art. As far as the action sequences go, the bookends of undersea alien battle and the aforementioned ninjas are the best.

The Bottom Line: Torchwood: World Without End #1 is a solid first installment that merges old and new plot elements. I can’t wait to see how The Committee ties into all this down the line.

Writers: Carole E. Barrowman and John Barrowman

Artists: Antonio Fuso and Pasquale Qualano

Colors: Marco Lusko

Letterers: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

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Torchwood: World Without End #1
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