Comic Review: Torchwood: Station Zero #4

Whatever the answers, I look forward to the next arc in this Torchwood saga.

Synopsis: The young Jack and John battle the Vervoids on Mogar, but realize they may have made a terrible mistake. Meanwhile, back in the present, Jack and Gwen head for Station Zero to try and stop the Navigators’ plans for Earth, but discover the secrets of both Rona and Dana. Those discoveries may pale in significance, however, compared to what else is growing in the Navigators’ base…

Review: Torchwood: Station Zero #4 concluded the second arc of the series. While all major questions were answered, it felt a bit rushed. Readers could’ve done with a fifth installment of the volume to allow the narrative to breath a little more. I also didn’t like how the synopsis referenced “the secrets of both Rona and Dana.” I think it’s a typo, because the secrets had to do with Rona and another character.

Allowing for the pacing and synopsis problem, I really liked how The Committee and the Navigators were linked, and I appreciated how the Navigators were making the Committee pay for things it hadn’t done yet. Hopefully, elements of this arc will be expanded upon within the Torchwood Big Finish audios as well.

As with the previous issue, Neil Edwards’ best art had to do with the Vervoids and Mogar. The flashback sequences where the Captains fought for their lives to escape the imploding planet leapt vividly off the pages. I also enjoyed how Edwards drew Jack and John younger in the past. John Barrowman would’ve provided photos of himself when younger for reference. I wonder if James Masters did the same.

I do have two questions heading into Volume Three. First, what will happen to any new hybrid Vervoids? Second, will the true nature of The Committee be discussed in the comic or left strictly for the Big Finish audios. Whatever the answers, I look forward to the next arc in this Torchwood saga.

Writers: Carole E. Barrowman and John Barrowman

Artist: Neil Edwards

Colors: Nicola Righi and Alberto Bugiu

Letterers: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Torchwood: Station Zero #4
  • Story, Art
  • The story was a little rushed.
  • Story
  • Art
  • Lettering

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