Comic Review: Torchwood: Station Zero #1

Readers got exposition, stand-offs, ultimatums, double entendres, and a total of three former Time Agents.

Synopsis: Gwen Cooper has been pulled away from her domestic bliss by the reappearance of Captain Jack Harkness, and his companions, the crew of the alien tech-filled ship the Ice Maiden. No sooner has Gwen rejoined the team, than they has to contend with jetski-riding ninjas, a mystery involoving an alien race known as the Navigators, the return of the roguish Captain John Hart, and the revelation that the current Lady of Torchwood House, Karina is far from what she seems. As we rejoin events in the midst of a stand-off, things are more than a little tense…

Review: Torchwood: Station Zero #1 started the second arc in the Torchwood comics by Carole E. Barrowman and John Barrowman. The issue was set up — no more, no less. Readers got exposition, stand-offs, ultimatums, double entendres, and a total of three former Time Agents.

It was a particular joy seeing Captains Harkness and Hart interact again. It made me hope that Big Finish can get James Marsters to reprise his role for the audio series which ties into the comics.

Readers who listened to the Big Finish audios know more about Torchwood’s enemies than those who read the comics alone. It will be interesting to learn if The Navigators are merely working with the Committee or if they are full members of it — maintaining a relationship with Torchwood as complicated as the one between Harkness and Hart.

Artist Neil Edwards was a marvelous addition to the team. He rendered the characters and environments perfectly. My favorite sequences were the fight scene between Jack and John and the antagonists shenanigans in the Arctic Circle. Indeed, the Arctic Circle base and the entrance to it could have been an homage to Thunderbirds. The Hood would have been proud!

Writers: Carole E. Barrowman and John Barrowman

Artist: Neil Edwards

Colors: Nicola Righi and Alberto Bugiu

Letterers: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Torchwood: Station Zero #1
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  • Exposition is a necessary evil.
  • Story
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