Comic Review: Penny Dreadful #5

The final issue was anticlimactic.

Synopsis: Harker has fallen under the spell of the Master, but Vanessa can see the benefit of such a fate. She implores Harker to lead them to their prey, in the hope that Mina will reveal herself, and his footsteps take them to the bloody opium den… and into a horrifying trap!

Review: The final issue was anticlimactic. Harker fulfills Mina’s role from the original novel, as events lead to Vanessa’s first meeting with Ethan. The only story element of note had to do with Lucy and Quincey. Lucy was turned in previous issue, and Quincey vowed to find a cure for her. The telling point was that Quincey promised to “come calling” on Sir Malcolm and Vanessa once he had.

The implication of the Quincey/Lucy sub plot was that Logan originally planned to include them in the axed fourth season. Like many, I don’t believe the PR surrounding the show’s cancellation. The third season was too rushed. I believe that John Logan reached the natural end point of Vanessa Ives’ story line. I believe he planned to substitute Lucy for Vanessa and that Lucy and Quincey were meant to meet Lyle while searching for a cure in Egypt. That’s the only way to justify the fact that  Dracula wasn’t destroyed at the end of the third season. Lyle would then stumble across a mummy (Thank you, Conan Doyle), and Logan would interconnect the mummy with Dracula, Ethan, Hyde, Frankenstein’s creatures, and Dorian Gray. It would have been easy to link all the characters through the themes of literal or psychological resurrection.

Sadly, we’ll probably never know if my theories are correct. I don’t think SHOWTIME is interested in continuing Penny Dreadful in any format.

Writers: Andrew Hinderaker, Chris King, Krysty Wilson-Cairns

Artist: Louie De Martinis

Publisher: Titan Comics

Penny Dreadful #5
  • Art
  • The story is merely serviceable and underwhelming.
  • Story
  • Art
  • Lettering

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