Comic Review: Doctor Who 2015 Holiday Special

This issue is an unmitigated Christmas treat.

Synopsis: It’s the 2015 Doctor Who Holiday Special!

When a mysterious Christmas card materializes on the TARDIS console, Clara and the Doctor are pulled into an interdimensional adventure of astoundingly festive proportions!

Review: This issue is an unmitigated Christmas treat. George Mann and Cavan Scott wrote a wonderful holiday story that reconnected Twelve with his roots. Readers got evil classic companion nutcrackers, a chase through dimensionally transcendental Christmas cards (Mariano Laclaustra’s artistically inspired highpoint), a marvelous scene in which Twelve charmed hostile snakes with Two’s recorder, and much more. All of this culminated in Twelve showing an old enemy mercy and understanding.

I do have one complaint: It was difficult to follow the dialogue bubbles through the shifting Christmas cards and the game of Snakes & Ladders. All in all, though, the Doctor Who 2015 Holiday Special was an excellent festive effort.

Writers: George Mann and Cavan Scott

Artist: Mariano Laclaustra

Cover: Alex Ronald, Will Brooks, and Neil Slorance

Publisher: Titan Comics

Doctor Who 2015 Holiday Special
  • Story and Art
  • The dialogue bubbles were sometimes hard to track.
  • Story
  • Art
  • Lettering

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