Comic Review: Arrow: Dark Archer #9

I’ll be discussing spoilers for both Arrow: Dark Archer and Arrow itself.

Synopsis: After the shocking events of the last issue of Arrow: Dark Archer, Malcolm’s motive for joining The Hidden is revealed!

Review Arrow: Dark Archer #9 picked up where it left off with Merlyn’s escape from the temple. If I thought the Barrowmans were going for an Indiana Jones feel in previous issues, they double down here. Merlyn plummeted down a waterfall and raced toward a plane, dodging League of Assassins arrows the whole way. The pencils, inks, and colors for this sequence are worth the price alone. I also really liked the juxtaposition of bats and a drone as Merlyn made a second escape attempt in the underground cave framing sequences. Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, and Kyle Ritter outdid themselves.

I do have to address a narrative issue in the Arrow: Dark Archer comic relative to Arrow itself, however. For this, I’ll be discussing spoilers for both. A great deal has been made of the death of Laurel Lance and the elimination of the Lazarus Pit to facilitate it. As a result, it’s jarring to discover that the Barrowmans created an additional Lazarus Pit in a comic sanctioned and promoted by Arrow producers, who hadn’t adhered to DC’s multiple Lazarus Pit canon up to now.  Moreover, they imply there’s a third Lazarus Pit in a second tomb. Granted, the Lazarus Pit from the first tomb was removed for now when the tomb was forcibly sealed. However, the fact that it’s still there for potential access later is salt in the wound for fans who want Laurel back or generally feel that the Lazarus Pit’s full narrative potential was not explored. Added to that, the producers come off as weak for so blatantly hedging their bets if they ever need a Lazarus Pit again.

All that said, Carole and John Barrowman have crafted an engaging overall story, and I’m much more comfortable with the inclusion of mystical elements across platforms this season. I find the “grounded” approach to be overrated.

Written by

Carole E. Barrowman

John Barrowman

Pencils by

Daniel Sampere

Inks by

Juan Albarran

Colors by

Kyle Ritter

Arrow: Dark Archer #9
  • Story, Art
  • Lazarus Pit issues
  • Story
  • Art
  • Lettering

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