Cobra Kai: Jonny versus Danny – Fight of the Dragons

It's been over six weeks now since season three of Cobra Kai dropped on Netflix. If you've missed it you must be on another planet
Cobra Kai

It’s been over six weeks now since season three of Cobra Kai dropped on Netflix. If you’ve missed it you must be on another planet. It’s a truly epic show. Our Cobra Kai Season Three Review provides full analysis. It wasn’t just Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Jonny Lawrence (William Zabka) facing off again. But the two rivals are the subject of this feature, a fun concept that SciFiPulse would absolutely to see happen. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely ever to happen, but if it ever did then remember where you heard it first!


Danny and Jonny as Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter: II

Cobra Kai has done an exceptional job of honing in on aspects of pop-culture from the era before the internet. So, what better way to continue that than by incorporating characters from the same era? We think it would be incredible to see Jonny and Daniel face off as Ken (Jonny – William Zabka) and Ryu (Danny – Ralph Macchio). Jonny would wear the red suit, and “Danny” Ryu’s white karate outfit. Jonny even still has his trademark red leather jacket. And both characters share similar physical attributes, and more! Ken is more American, whilst Ryu still more in touch with Japanese ways of life, and attitudes. What’z quite clear is we’ve given this a lot of thought! Furthermore, we’ve good reason to. We don’t mean as a scene in the series, but a special video, perhaps. It would be insanely cool to see them Dragon Punch, and Hadouken. But, the big question is how would that go down, it were even possible?


The Fight

If it ever were to happen, then the formula of 3 rounds would work perfectly. Jonny would take round one (this format actually works the same way that the point scoring system does, in the All Valley under 18 Karate Championship does. Jonny as Ken would take the first round. Then, “Danny” would come back and take the next round, finishing with a brutal uppercut, and setting up the all important final round. That round would go close, absolutely down to the wire . . . The pair would be very evenly matched, just as Ken and Ryu so often were (depending upon who was playing – we all knew that one kid’s big brother who was God-like and could beat you with his eyes closed!) But, there would be one champion who emerged, who would ultimately win the heart of (Elisabeth Shue)

The Winner

Jonny, as Ken, would have the edge. Despite the fact that Ryu was the better character in Street Fighter II (yes, everyone claims they were identical, but Ryu was tougher – and cooler, too!), Jonny Lawrence is more brutal, and that would win the day, and the fight. Plus, it would be awesome to see Jonny final get to kick Daniel LaRusso’s smug ass! Despite the fact that they are now working together, there are a great number of people who have always been team Jonny, including May The Verse Be With You, who recently paid homage to the absolute legend that is Jonny Lawrence, in Cobra Kai Never Dies. Basically, Jonny Lawrence forever!

Perhaps owing to licensing issues, or other fun-busting factors of reality, this may be an impossibility. Even if the actors and showrunners were game for it. It will have to exist in the realms of the imagination, for now. Fortunately, many of us remember how that works and had to rely on it much more, before we had the internet! Why not let us know who you think would win (Jonny!) and why?

For some more video game fun. Check out this teaser for the new Cobra Kai video game. Which is out now on Playstation 4 and other popular formats.


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