Classic ‘Doctor Who’ writer Jane Baker passes

Sixth 'Doctor Who' Colin Baker has revealed the sad news that Jane Baker has passed away.

Sixth ‘Doctor Who’ Colin Baker has revealed the sad news that Jane Baker has passed away.

Jane Baker was one half of the husband and wife writing team of Pip and Jane Baker, who wrote four stories for the classic run of ‘Doctor Who’ during the 80s, which was a very difficult time for the series – and both Pip and Jane came up with the two stories, which introduced us to The Rani.

During their time on the show Pip and Jane wrote ‘The Mark of the Rani,’ ‘Terror of the Vervoids,’ ‘The Ultimate Foe’ and ‘Time and the Rani.’

Colin Baker, who starred in 3 of of Pip and Jane Baker’s episodes broke the sad news earlier over Twitter.

Jane Baker has the distinction of being one of only four women to have written or co – written ‘Doctor Who’ novelizations.

In the 1990s, Pip and Jane created and wrote the CBBC series Watt on Earth, the eponymous Watt being an alien who is trapped on Earth.

We here at SciFiPulse are deeply saddened for the family and friends of Jane Baker and express our deepest condolences to her Husband Pip and share the sadness of the many ‘Doctor Who’ fans who enjoyed their contribution to the long lived series.

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