Cindy Morgan Discusses ‘Tron’ and ‘Legacy’

A few weeks back, I was given the wonderful opportunity to talk to the lovely Cindy Morgan, who is perhaps best known to genre fans for her work on...


A few weeks back, I was given the wonderful opportunity to talk to the lovely Cindy Morgan, who is perhaps best known to genre fans for her work on Tron, in which she played the dual role of Yori and Lori.

The full interview will be available to listen to and download this coming Sunday via our show on Blogtalkradio, but for those of you who simply can’t wait that long, I’ve provided a few excerpts in which Cindy talks about her experience on Tron and discusses her thoughts on the new movie.

When it came to getting the role on Tron, Cindy explained that her casting on the movie was a series of fortunate events.

“I was dating a guy before I got Caddyshack. I’d just moved to LA, and he’d got a role in some cartoon he was telling me about. I really didn’t understand it, and thought, ‘Okay that sounds interesting’, and went to lunch with him and the people that were doing the film with him. I was just listening and eating my lunch. A year and a half later, I was cast in Tron with Jeff Bridges. Later I found out this cartoon my boyfriend was in was Tron, and he was out and I was in. He wasn’t too happy about it.”

To many people, Tron has become as much a spiritual experience than it has a movie and Cindy, throughout her career, has continued to support the film and even appeared in the Tron 2.0 video game, which was released in 2003 and was a continuation of the movie. Sadly, she is not as yet a part of Tron: Legacy, and despite this, she hopes that it’s a great success.

“It’s interesting that those choices were made,” says Cindy at the decision to  include her in the film. “When I did Caddyshack the fans liked it because its more of a lifestyle. With Tron its more of a spiritual thing. The fans who enjoy Tron like it for much deeper reasons. I don’t know why the decision was made. I worked as a producer on the other side of the camera for awhile, and I saw how decisions were made. Some of it was so arbitrary. It was almost scary, and for the decision to be made with Tron. I don’t know if I’d have made the same choice, and not because of me, but just knowing how the fans would respond to it. I don’t know. I’m just enjoying the fan reaction so much, and we’ll see what decisions are made in the future. “

Cindy went on to add that it seems to be fans that make the choices now, although producers would loath to admit it.

“I’m on the fans’ side. I’m just standing by right now. As I keep saying, my phone works!”

Regardless of whether she has a role in it or not, Cindy has nothing but the best wishes for the movie.

“I hope the film does well. I hope the fans are happy with it. I hope it fulfills the expectations and the hopes of the fans.”

You can listen to the whole of this interview with Cindy Morgan on SciFiPulse Radio on Sunday 28, March. And hear more fun stories from Cindy about
Tron and many of her other acting roles.

By Ian M. Cullen

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