Christmas Dinner For Long Distance Families Reinvented With Video Call App From Quality Time Lab

Though nothing compares to having a loved one at home, Quality Time Lab wants to help families minimize a person’s absence with their app Family Time. While many are...

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Though nothing compares to having a loved one at home, Quality Time Lab wants to help families minimize a person’s absence with their app Family Time. While many are familiar with video call apps and services like Skype and FaceTime, it is difficult to keep a child engaged with relative when using these programs. A parent or grandparent maybe on the other end of that phone call and excited to talk, but to the child, there could be a world of distractions just beyond the screen. (Let’s be honest, no matter how awesome grandma is, it’s hard for her to keep her grandchild’s attention when there is a cartoon on in the background.)

To help keep a child’s attention on the person they are talking to, Quality Time Lab’s Family Time builds upon the video call experience by including books, games, sing-a-long videos, and the opportunity to draw together (even during dinner time). So if you’re a parent who wants to lull your child to sleep on the night before Christmas but are stuck overseas or if you’re an uncle that wants to share a holiday story with a niece or nephew, Family Time has these types of activities and more built in.

And how does Quality Time Lab know that their product can help families better interact with one another? Well, because the creation of this game was a family activity inspired by the difficulties of being a family spread across the globe. As Meri Rosich, the CEO and Founder of Quality Time explained, “My family is spread across long distances and video calling was just not fun for kids, so having a background in tech and apps I decided to find a solution. The apps are built with my kids, my son tests the game’s design and my daughter tests the game’s logic and items. She wanted a tablecloth with Frozen colors for holiday dinner and we designed a beautiful turquoise plates and tablecloths. At 7 and 4 years of age, they are great game designers and beta testers! And working on our apps has brought us closer together not only with our long distance friends but also as a family.”

Moreover, Rosich’s inspiration for Family Time drove her and her team to create activities centered on sharing. The computer doesn’t read the book to the child because the goal is to recreate the experience of the parent or grandparent reading to (or with) a child before they are tucked into bed for the night. In other words, Family Time isn’t a video call in which family members listen to a recording of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, it is a platform for a family members to share the experience of reading the story together.

Family Time empowers families to do more than just have a video call during the holidays; it gives them the opportunity to create memories even when they can’t be under the same roof. In short, Family Time erases the distance so many families struggle with by providing fun, all-ages games that can bring loved ones together even when they can’t be under the same roof.


Quality Time Lab Brings Long-Distance Families Together With Apps designed for sharing.
“Christmas Dinner Time: Video Call Eating Game” is aimed at Kids Ages 3-8, and engages, educates and inspires families to spend more time together during the holidays.

SAN FRANCISCO—Quality Time Lab today announced the launch of Christmas dinner time: the latest family App in the company’s portfolio. Designed for kids ages 3-8, Christmas dinner time encourages families to video call home to enjoy Christmas dinner together.

“Eating a traditional meal together is a tradition shared by families around the world in this time of the year” says Meri Rosich, CEO & Founder. We designed a traditional menu that long distance families can enjoy during video calls, and it is as close as you can get to a Christmas family meal”

Christmas dinner features a table to eat together with a set of linens, plates and traditional dishes, including a turkey, ham, and Christmas cakes.  The video call feature works like Skype, and allows people to share a meal together synchronizing the content on both sides.

“This app was designed with my kids”, Meri said, “they selected all the elements, such as the menu, -they wanted traditional dishes but also spaghetti, so we included it. My daughter also wanted a tablecloth in frozen colors so we created a turquoise version. It was fun to  design and test the app, and this had brought us closer together.”

Another much loved feature is the ability to take snapshots during the video call to save and share the magical family moments. All elements are designed to engage, educate and inspire children and their family members to spend more time together.

Quality Time Lab takes parental controls very seriously. Our apps are designed for sharing with adults because kids learn while playing and playing brings families closer together.
This App does not allow web browsing, there are no in-app purchases in this App, and it does not contain advertising. The video call functionality, similar to Skype, is designed to enjoy the activities together and is protected with a parental gate.

Dinner Time is available in the Play Store for $0.99:


Guided by a simple philosophy, “technology to improve people’s lives”, Quality Time creates apps designed for sharing to bring people together.  Our Apps are downloaded and played globally on Smartphones, tablets and desktops, on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

For more information visit, or

Founder & CEO:   Meri Rosich, +65 9030 4078 [email protected]
PR Manager [email protected]

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