Check Out Some Awesome Footage From The ‘Superman’ Game That Never Was

Posted by Unseen 64. The following video tells the story of the 'Superman' video game that never was.

As most gamers will tell you most tie in games to movie, comic book or television properties never really translate to well and the ones that do are few and far between.

But one game that looks like it could have beat the tie-in curse is this ‘Superman’ game, which was planned for a 2007 release, but never quite got there. The game was being developed by the same company that worked on the ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ games.

Posted by UnseenĀ 64. The following video tells the story of the ‘Superman’ video game that never was.

The above game was intended to launch in 2007 alongside the defunct sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ from Bryan Singer, but much like that doomed movie. The game never got a chance to shine in the sun, but as you can see from the video. The concept footage looks like it may have hit the right spot.


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