Chase Masterson Chats About ‘Yesterday Was A Lie’

As an avid fan of most things science fiction, and as someone who especially loved Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to speak...


As an avid fan of most things science fiction, and as someone who especially loved Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to speak with Chase Masterson about Star Trek and her latest project Yesterday Was A Lie for a special edition of the Parsec Nominated SciFi Pulse Radio.

During the course of the interview we discussed many things. However, for the most part we talked about the performers latest movie Yesterday Was A Lie. And below is a little taster of what Chase shared with me about this new Science Fiction Noir project, which she has been involved with for the last four years with some of Hollywoods hottest new talent in independent film making.

SciFiPulse: What can you tell us about Yesterday Was A Lie?

Chase Masterson:
Yesterday Was A Lie is a Film Noir, which is shot entirely in black and white, and written and directed by James Kerwin.  I’m really excited about what’s happening with the film. We were named one of the ten best films of the year on the festival circuit by Film Threat and we have a theatrical release coming up in Los Angeles for December. Then the film will be available on wide release in the USA in March of 2010.

In the film I play a Jazz Singer that the lead character who is played by Kipleigh Brown comes across on her journey to discover some very important things about herself.

The lead character is trying to reconcile her past with her present. So she can move into her future, while my character helps her do that. I think reconciling a persons past with their present is a very strong theme in so many peoples lives. How to confront, how to process our past, and it’s very, very difficult. So I think the film will appeal to a lot of people on many levels and I’m really excited to get to do this.

We’re really excited to see how the Science Fiction community in particular respond to the film. The movie uses quantum mechanics as a metaphor for human relationships and delves into things like time reversal symmetry. The film is shot in none linear time, which is something that I think Science Fiction fans will sink their teeth into.

However, beneath the Film Noir and SciFi it’s very much a character drama.

SciFiPulse: Moving very quickly onto your role in Star Trek. Leeta was very much a comedic character, and am wondering if you ever longed for a role of one of the stronger action type women like Dax or Major Kira?

Chase Masterson:
You know, I’ve had that opportunity in different ways. What I’d really say to that is Leeta was strong, Leeta didn’t wear her strength on her sleeve. I believe that Leeta was just as strong as any of the women in uniform. I think Leeta had a lot of tough decisions to make and much integrity in the way she made those decisions. Particularly when it came to loving Rom who was only pretty on the inside. Leeta had a lot of strong character and that’s what I’d say to that. I mean as far as expanded storylines and more screen time you always want that, but have had a great range of roles thus far in my career.

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By Ian M. Cullen

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