Cast Revealed For New BBC ‘Doctor Who’ Spin-Off ‘Class’

The pupils of the supernatural and alien infested Coal Hill school have been revealed

Yesterday in a mad dash to get the news out the BBC revealed the cast of their latest ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off series ‘Class’.

Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah are the young stars heading up the series from YA author Patrick Ness.

Katherine Kelly – of ​’Coronation Street’, ‘Happy Valley’ ​and ​’The Night Manager’ ​- is also on board, cast as “a teacher and powerful new presence” at Coal Hill School.

As any self respecting ‘Doctor Who’ fan will tell you. Coal Hill School made its first appearance on ‘Doctor Who’ in the first episode back in 1963 and popped up once or twice throughout the classic run of the series until it returned during Steven Moffat’s run on the series. ‘Class’ will follow the lives of the schools students as they fend off intergalactic threats.

The teens will have to navigate ​a life of friends, parents, school work, sex, sorrow – and possibly the end of existence. ​

An official synopsis for the series reads: “What if your planet was massacred and you were the sole survivor? What if a legendary figure out of space and time found you a place to hide?

“But what if the things that want to kill you have tracked you down? And worst of all, what if you haven’t studied for your A-Levels…?

“Coal Hill School has been a part of the Doctor Who universe since the very beginning, but that has come at a price. All the time travelling over the years has caused the very walls of space and time to become thin.

“There’s something pressing in on the other side, something waiting for its chance to kill everyone and everything, to bring us all into Shadow.​”

…and if all that hasn’t got you hyped for ​Class​, ​Doctor Who ​showrunner Steven Moffat has only gone and billed the series as “a British ​Buffy​.”

​”Coal Hill School has been part of Doctor Who since the very first shoot in 1963, but this new show is anything but history,” Moffat said.

Class is dark and sexy and right now. I’ve always wondered if there could be a British Buffy – it’s taken the brilliant Patrick Ness to figure out how to make it happen.”

Class ​starts filming today (Monday, April 4) and will premiere on BBC Three later this year.

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