Cards, Dice, and Aliens: Gambling in Science Fiction

Sabacc is a card game often mentioned in various Star Wars movies and books, most notably in relation to Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and the Millennium Falcon.

Gambling is a habit people have had for eons. Bets, cards, dice, and other forms of this activity have accompanied us for longer than history has accounted for it. Gambling has been with us in one form or another for millennia, adopting to the evolution of our technology. After becoming available over the internet, gambling gained the potential to become part of our everyday lives. We can use any device to play at the Euro Palace Australian online casino – computers, smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs, and their likes. In the near future, Euro Palace will probably become available for smart appliances, too, so you can spin a few on your favorite slot machine while filling the dishwasher, too. The Euro Palace will soon break another barrier, stepping into the world of virtual reality. After that, visiting the Euro Palace will be much like stepping into a casino on the Strip.

Sounds like science fiction? Well, I can assure you, it’s reality. Gambling has an important part in our everyday lives, and it has made its way into our favorite forms of fiction – in one form or another. Let’s see how our gambling habits have infiltrated science fiction.

Sabacc (Star Wars universe)


Sabacc is a card game often mentioned in various Star Wars movies and books, most notably in relation to Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and the Millennium Falcon. It is a game played all across the galaxy, not entirely different from poker. It has face cards and pip cards, four suites, a pot, and a complex set of rules. According to the WookiePedia, sabacc has several variants, like the Corelian Spike, which the two heroes above were playing with a faster-than-light stake.

Dabo (Star Trek universe)

In the perfect Federation society, the only form of gambling we encounter is a friendly game of poker. The Ferengi are not part of the Federation, though, and they are greedy, too. This makes them the perfect species to organize gambling games – and the most seen such game is Dabo.

Dabo is a roulette-style game widely played at Ferengi establishments. It has a wheel with 36 slots, out of which players can bet on 27. It has colors, shapes, and numbers on it. Bets can be placed in Energy Credits and Gold-Pressed Latinum, and all rewards are paid out in the latter.

Gambling in the Andromeda universe

After the fall of the Commonwealth, crime and anarchy ruled the Three Galaxies. This usually means organized gambling, too. At one time, Cpt. Hunt has the chance to experience it first hand, when seeking out Clarion’s Call, a former Commonwealth warship serving as a casino ship. While we don’t have the chance to see any games in action, we know that even thousands of years into our future gambling will still be one of our companions.

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