Captain Britain: 5 Actors We’d Like To Play Him

A throwaway line in Avengers: Endgame from Peggy Carter. Seemed to reference Captain Britain. As Steve Rogers' true love mentions "Braddock's team".

A throwaway line in Avengers: Endgame from Peggy Carter seemed to reference Captain Britain. As Steve Rogers’ true love mentions “Braddock’s team”. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see Brian Braddock in live-action. Who could play him though? Don your Amulet of Right and let’s get speculating!


Arthur Darvill



My friend and colleague Nicholas Yanes came up with the idea that Darvill could portray the MCU’s version of Prince Harry. Who would then become Captain Britain? This has potential for some Spider-Man-like secret identity comedy. As well as showing the Captain as a decent person who just wants to help. The former Rory Williams certainly has an understated intensity and charisma. Perhaps a Darvill Captain Britain would work if he was not based on any existing person but a composite character of comic-verse Brian Braddock and an unnamed British royal based on Prince Harry. This would sidestep any unfortunate implications this character might create.


John Boyega



There is huge potential for John Boyega as Captain Britain. Perhaps Boyega’s character is the target of far-right violence? Which he stands up to so admirably that Merlyn bestows the mantle of Captain Britain upon him. While this actor’s casting as this role would undoubtedly be met with backlash this reviewer feels it would be worth it for the representation and the stories that could be told. Maybe the MCU could delve into urban fantasy, and have the British government be comprised of vampires or demons who are slowly destroying the country? Only for Boyega’s Captain Britain to lead a fightback.


Michael Socha

In contrast to my other choices, perhaps a Socha portrayed Captain Britain could be kind of a rogue or a scoundrel? Much like Spider-Man before Uncle Ben was killed, or possibly even like DC Comics’ Booster Gold? This version of Captain Britain could be a complete inversion of someone like Steve Rogers. Until he realises how serious the threats to Britain are and becomes a true hero. I’d like to see Nick Blood return as Lance Hunter and for him and Socha to have a kind of vitriolic best buds relationship. As they fight to save Britain from its perils. We could see a kind of buddy cop setup as Blood and Socha bicker and argue over which one of them is really Captain Britain.


Tom Felton

I think that Felton would be best as a Captain Britain based closely on the comic book version. Which is to say a Brian Braddock who is a physicist born to wealthy parents. Perhaps his character could believe utterly in science and rationality. Only for this to be turned on its head when Merlyn offers him the Captain Britain role. If a Captain Britain series introduces myths and urban fantasy into the MCU. Then we could see Felton’s Braddock attempt to deal with the frightening new information he uncovers. Maybe this Captain Britain could even struggle with his mental health due to discovering that magic and mystical creatures exist? This could potentially be a very interesting and captivating storyline.


Michaela Coel



What I’m thinking here is that Coel could portray Lionheart. The Kelsey Leigh Kirkland version of Captain Britain who chose the Sword of Might not the Amulet of Right. This actor certainly has the intensity to be Lionheart. As well as adding some fascinating dimensions to the character, who can never reveal her identity or else her loved ones will literally die. Maybe Lionheart becomes a symbol of hope for the downtrodden? Who takes on a corrupt system who are revealed to be extra-dimensional beings? Thus bringing in the fantasy elements from the comics. We could even see a cameo from Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Doctor Strange.


Who would you cast as Captain Britain? Do you agree with my choices? Please leave a comment and remember to be kind to yourself.


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Once again many thanks to Nicholas Yanes for suggesting Arthur Darvill, John Boyega, Michael Socha and Tom Felton for Captain Britain.

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