Captain America 4: Some Thoughts

"Captain America 4" has been confirmed, by the MCU. Currently, little is known. However, we do know that it will feature both Bucky Barne
Captain America 4

“Captain America 4” has been confirmed, by the MCU. Currently, little is known. However, we do know that it will feature both Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). This is exciting news, following the finale of season one of Falcon and Winter Soldier. So, let’s get to it and give our initial thoughts on what we think might happen, and just how things might go down . . .

**MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD** – WATCH Falcon and The Winter Soldier FIRST!!


A New Captain America

Spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched DisneyPlus series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson (“The Falcon”) – Anthony Mackie –  eventually took up the mantle of becoming Captain America, following the departure of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Although, his journey to become “Cap” was a very different one, and it involved his experience as a black hero, in a predominately white country. But we didn’t actually get to see him be the new Captain America, as his ascent only happened in the last episode. So, it stands to reason that Captain America 4 will see him really start to take the role on. Consequently, this raises some questions. For example, will he ever take a super soldier serum? Whilst it could still happen, we think he’ll rely on sheer determination and resilience. It’s got him this far.


The Powerbroker – Sharon Carter?

More spoiler alerts — a major one, too! It turned out that “The Powerbroker” was Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). This was a wonderful twist, and an interesting one, too. It certainly gave a new level of complexity to the character. The MCU does keep things interesting. Perhaps though, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) is actually deep undercover. It’s difficult to her as an out and out villain, and eve harder to see her as evil. She could be trying to flush out and foil the plans of those intent on chaos. Following Karli Morgenthau’s (Erin Kellyman) death, there will likely be a “martyrdom” scenario, and a call to arms for more of the “Flag Smashers”.


Big Bad

The obvious choice would be Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), again. But things probably won’t be that simple, although crucially, the character is currently at large (sorry, another spoiler!). Before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we published The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Some Predictions. That feature also discussed who might be the “bad guy”. As mentioned above it could be “The Powerbroker”, a.k.a. Sharon Carter. We may also see a return of John Walker (Wyatt Russell), who could play a part. There’s a good chance too that we’ll see more of “The Contessa”, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss). She may well be pulling the strings, and also be forming The Thunderbolts. This would fit with the concept of complex characters, within the MCU, especially apt in the “post-blip” era.


The Return of Steve Rogers?

Not long ago there were rumours of a return of Chris Evans, as Steve Rogers. Whether we see that in Captain America 4 remains to be seen. But if so, then surely Bucky (Sebastian Stan) would be pleased to see him. Fun feature May The Verse Be With You published “Stucky”, about the best bromance. After Steve Rogers left the MCU, following his final appearance in Avengers: Endgame (2019) there was certainly a gulf to be filled. That’s a testament to how Chris Evans has brilliantly established the role of both Steve Rogers and Captain America, as one crucial to the MCU. The question remains of how the character would feature, and what that would mean.

Time travel might feature in Captain America 4. If so, then the as yet unrevealed title of the film might provide some clues. It’s possible that time travel could mean an alternate version of Steve Rogers. this might even mean he was the film’s central antagonist. That would be cool to see, and provide Sam and Bucky with a serious adversary to overcome. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s fun to imagine that we’d see an “Evil Cap”, and that we’d get to watch Evans have some serious fun playing such a role in the MCU.



In recent Podcast Episodes, we assessed Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Tune in to hear news and views, including MCU related stuff.



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